Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around

Nghênh PhongMay 16, 2023 at 10:47

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After many efforts and success at the game show of China - pedaling the wind 2023, Chi Pu has now gained a lot of love from the domestic audience. Recently, the singer's controversial statements in the past have also been corrected, the truth behind makes many people have a different view of her.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 1

Accordingly, in episode 2 of the hit Chinese show - Monsoon 4 was broadcast. In the first round, the Chi Pu, Ella, Ngo Thien and Truong Gia Nghe teams chose the song See Tinh by Hoang Thuy Linh to perform.

With this choice, Chi Pu's team successfully captured the hearts of billions of billions. When See Tinh's melody sounded, the sisters in the program enjoyed singing and dancing to the song. The performance scored points in the investment and monumental scene, the members had a bright stage appearance, and the underwater choreography was quite beautiful.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 2

Although the voice is still weak, it can be seen that Chi Pu in this stage is relatively favored by the station with a lot of broadcast time, and the camera angles also enhance her extremely beautiful visual.

Netizens can't deny that Chi Pu is really pretty every time she airs the show Dap Gio, her charismatic charm, the camera panning, there is almost no "dead angle". Even in the latest episode, the singer's beauty also makes other billions want to "turn the table", while still pretty with a bare face.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 3

In addition, the female singer also attracted a lot of attention when teaching other billions about food culture in Vietnam. While eating and drinking with seniors in the dormitory room, Chi Pu impromptu with her sister group toasting glasses of Vietnamese style 1, 2, 3 made many people excited. Many netizens also humorously think that Chi Pu is teaching foreign billions of dollars.

Amidst the praise flooded on social networks, the controversial statement for a while: "If you pick up the mic in Vietnam, you're a singer" of the female singer was also discussed by netizens, but this time the version full sentence above.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 4

Accordingly, when asked about the sentence "From today on, call me a singer", Chi Pu completely answered as follows:

"'From today on, call me a singer' is a statement that shows Chi's determination. It's an offer, not a coercion. So whether people call Chi a singer or not, that's it. is everyone's right, Chi does not force it.

Chi herself learned about the Vietnamese market. In the Korean market, if a person picks up a mic to sing, it will be divided into many different roles: singer, idol... But in Vietnam, when you pick up the mic to sing, you're already called a singer. There are no other words to describe the performer. It's an idea Chi thinks is right for Chi at this point. And if everyone hates that statement, Chi can also accept it, because it is impossible to please everyone.

For Chi herself, that saying is the motivation, showing Chi's seriousness on this path. And Chi thinks that in the future, Chi will try harder to make people feel that Chi is worthy of that statement."

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 5

After Chi Pu's full sentence was spread, many viewers showed an attitude of "turning the car", saying that they had misunderstood the female artist before.

"It turned out that she reflected the reality of the Vietnamese music market, but her sentence was c.ut o.ff to mean that she declared her personal opinion", "Today, I heard the exact meaning of the word. It is quite different. that Chi Pu just wants to be an idol, not on the same level as a real singer. So it's also a crime for people to curse her", many netizens commented.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 6

It is known that, right after releasing the first MV, many opinions said that Chi Pu should soon stop singing because it is not suitable for the job of a singer. But with the successes at the last 2023 Dam Gio, Chi Pu is proving his seriousness with this path.

Currently, the female singer is one of the most loved and discussed people of the Show. Even the name of the female singer has repeatedly entered the h.ot search of Weibo.

Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu teaches bad seniors, the truth behind the statement "holding a mic is a singer" made fans turn around - Photo 7

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