Cao Thai Son spoke out about his name being made fun of, r.evealing his silence for a long time

Hoàng AnhApr 07, 2022 at 14:05

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Cao Thai Son had his share when he was constantly entangled in noise.

On the evening of April 6, singer Cao Thai Son suddenly appeared at the press conference to launch the movie project "Qua Ben Do Chi" with the participation of Thuan Nguyen, TiTi Phuong, Quang Minh, and Duy Khanh.

At the event, answering a question about his name being played, Cao Thai Son affirmed: "No one can get it, so everything is happening, I don't care".

Cao Thai Son spoke out about his name being made fun of, r.evealing his silence for a long time - Photo 1

When asked why Cao Thai Son remained silent while his name was constantly being called, the male singer emphasized: "My stories in a silent life, people often say: The river is deep and quiet - The ripe rice bows, so I don't necessarily respond to society's reactions, because at some point everyone will have a different way of handling it.

I don't even need an explanation. Now I just want everyone to focus on music products, because the most important thing for an artist is the products of good songs, good movies, and good quality MVs, not the competition. together. I think people tend to have those views so that the artist has the best music for the audience."

Cao Thai Son spoke out about his name being made fun of, r.evealing his silence for a long time - Photo 2

A few days before, on social networking forums spread information that someone had exclusively registered the trademark "Cao Thai Son" with the National Office of Intellectual Property. Ignoring the noise on social networks, Cao Thai Son regularly posts new pictures and videos of the garden full of ornamental plants and does not mention this noise.

It can be said that in the past 1 year, the name Cao Thai Son has always been a h.ot topic of great interest to netizens. In addition to the quick love story with Angela Phuong Trinh, the controversy surrounding the song copyright with Nathan Lee, made the image of the handsome singer "rainy road" deteriorated in the hearts of fans.

Following the long-running drama, Nathan Lee recently admitted to being "cheap" when he was involved in a controversy with Cao Thai Son.

Cao Thai Son spoke out about his name being made fun of, r.evealing his silence for a long time - Photo 3

Specifically, on the evening of April 1, singer Nathan Lee officially released the MV "Love is back", the opening product for the series of songs he "ordered" during the last Covid-19 season. This music product of Nathan Lee is a familiar name in the hearts of the music-loving public: "Love returns", a passionate composition of musician Khac Viet, associated with Cao Thai Son's voice. .

He constantly provoked Cao Thai Son when he bought hit songs, bought the Cao Thai Son brand, etc., as a way to "destroy" the life of his colleagues, singer Nathan Lee said he did not cause any harm. war with Cao Thai Son. The acquisition of hits by Cao Thai Son because he appreciates the results of the musician's labor and wishes to make these hits more sublime with the investment in his ability. As evidenced when the MV "Love returns" even though it was a hit by Cao Thai Son before, with his version, Nathan Lee also received a lot of praise. With a positive response from the audience, Nathan Lee believes that what he is doing is right. "Give back the music its true value," he said.

Cao Thai Son spoke out about his name being made fun of, r.evealing his silence for a long time - Photo 4

Nathan Lee also admitted that since he was entangled in the noise with Cao Thai Son, he himself became "cheaper". "But I don't rush into the clumps myself, but get dragged into the nonsense by those people. It's just that my reaction is different from everyone else's, so the noise becomes stressful." Nathan Lee said.

In response to the question, with the ability to self-compose and possessing a characteristic deep voice, Nathan Lee can introduce to the audience quality music products without having to choose existing, associated hits. With another voice like today, Nathan Lee said: "I only made a few products because I think they are good songs and deserve more investment to bring the audience better quality products. My main plan is still to make music products, true to my vocal forte."

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