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V (BTS) bombed more than 90 countries, fans were stunned to see the idol set a new record

Trí Nhi06:47:00 20/03/2024
Male idol V - a member of Korea's top b.oy band BTS, just made fans stand still when he suddenly set a new record in his career. With just one song, V was able to bombard 87 countries, everyone was stunned.

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V and Jungkook (BTS) made fans scream and get extremely h.ot with their n.aked phone call before enlistment

Gia Nhi09:32:32 13/12/2023
The two famous male idols of the Korean idol group BTS, V and Jungkook, are making fans around the world restless with a series of screenshots from an exchange call before their enlistment day. Cool of both.

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V (BTS) "cut his hair down" after breaking up with Jennie, revealing his biggest regret before joining the army

Phượng Vũ14:33:33 11/12/2023
Tomorrow, V and RM of group BTS will officially enlist in the army. Before performing his military service, the male idol had a meeting and conversation with actor Park Seo Joon and director Na PD.

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BTS is about to expire, BLACKPINK is "proclaimed king" of Kpop, the "little sister" group that just debuted was also kicked out for one reason.

Thiên Di16:47:15 28/11/2023
Soon, Jungkook, Jimin, V and RM (BTS) will be the next 4 members to enlist. It is expected that by 2025, BTS will be able to work as a group again. Thus, during this time, BLACKPINK may become the hegemon of Kpop.

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V "said goodbye" to Jennie to join the army, BTS officially gave up the field to BLACKPINK, fans of both families went crazy!

Phượng Vũ17:41:22 23/11/2023
After BTS enlists, BLACKPINK is said to have a high possibility of taking over the music market during the time the 7 boys pause their artistic activities. This was recently predicted by Korean media.

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BTS temporarily cedes the glory to BlackPink, and will regain it after completing their military service

Hoa Tuyết09:42:36 21/09/2023
Big Hit Music has just announced the re-signing of the contract with the famous Kpop group - BTS. After the 7 boys complete their military service, the group will go on a world tour.

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BTS and 2022 regret: The global group has no rival, less explosive because of solo separation?

KiKo10:57:29 25/01/2023
BTS in 2022 is still considered a global group that no rival can overcome, but this is the least explosive year of BTS when solo activities do not resonate and 1 member enlisted in the army. A brilliant 2022 with many impressive achievements, the position of a global group that...

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) stuns, BTS is in danger of disbanding, controversial because of the "terrible" privilege when importing

N.P11:26:11 13/12/2022
BLACKPINK is currently receiving good news during their world tour, while the group's most formidable opponent, BTS, is currently facing many worries after the eldest brother Jin enlisted in the army. Recently, during a concert in France, BLACKPINK proved its unique level when...

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BTS's Jin officially enlisted in the army division on December 13

Jennie11:11:23 24/11/2022
According to industry sources, on December 13, Jin will officially enlist at the training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. After training there for 5 weeks, Jin will be assigned to the unit. Recently, Big Hit Music issued a response to previous media reports, which stated...

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Jin (BTS) received "stone rain" for treating his military service as a joke, but it was postponed because fans came because it was cold?

N.P13:10:00 29/10/2022
Although he was prevented by the company, Jin (BTS) recently decided to speak out about the reason why he constantly postponed his military service. The male singer was angry because he was "cursed" too much about his enlistment. But the BTS member's explanation is currently...

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BLACKPINK surpasses to replace BTS, Bit Hit panics to lose billions of dollars because of military enlistment?

N.P14:51:46 18/10/2022
According to many Korean news sites, if a member of BTS enlists in the army, BLACKPINK will be the top group to replace the boys. BTS's management company is also planning to fill the gap so that there is less damage when BTS enlists in the army. In the past few years, BLACKPINK...

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BTS faces military enlistment, netizens are angry and sarcastic about 7 members who "play tricks, deliberately evade"?

N.P11:53:19 08/10/2022
The decision to enlist in the army '5 times 7 times' was postponed, BTS recently officially faced the military enlistment to ensure fairness. Before the members' last-minute delay, the public expressed their anger and irony that BTS was playing tricks and deliberately evading...

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BTS has been prepared by HYBE for a backup plan for military enlistment

Rosé16:58:40 17/05/2022
HYBE confirmed that the company has prepared a backup plan for BTS members' enlistment. Recently, the issue of BTS's military enlistment has attracted the attention of the public and global K-pop fans. During a press conference held in Seoul, Korean Culture Minister Hwang Hee...

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What should BTS do to maintain their charm if they enlist in the army?

Hoàng Phúc07:50:30 09/05/2022
As the "golden egg" of HYBE, BTS's suspension of activities to perform military service can be considered a great loss for the company. To solve this problem, experts have come up with many solutions. Is solo separation a reasonable problem? In addition to the group's brilliant...

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Only BTS is proposed to be exempt from military service, why?

Hoàng Phúc17:18:01 17/04/2022
According to Korea Time, the fact that the Korean National Assembly is considering exemption from compulsory military service for BTS members has been controversial for a long time. Many people doubt that BTS's military service exemption because of their success in the...

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BTS's military service postponement is in the "national interest"

Y.N12:44:23 15/07/2021
BTS's enlistment is still a topic of interest. A senior South Korean military official believes that BTS can postpone military service because the group increases the value of the country's national brand. According to recent amendments to Korea's Military Service Act, 7 members...

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