Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala

Phương ThảoMay 10, 2024 at 16:59

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Bright Vachirawit once admitted to being a huge fan of BLACKPINK idol Kim Jennie. Recently, the two were present together at the 2024 MET Gala red carpet, but he has not yet been photographed with his idol.

During an interview with Elle Thailand at the Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2023 collection launch event held in Tokyo, Japan. In response to the interview question, Bright Vachirawit revealed the usual shy expression of a fanboy when referring to his idol and expressed the opinion that Jennie is the face of Calvin Klein that he admires the most.

Elle Thailand: "Who is the 'Face of Calvin Klein' you admire the most?"

Bright Vachirawit: "It's Jennie Kim, of course."

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 1

Bright Vachirawit's admiration for BLACKPINK has been shown through many pictures and videos posted on social media. He once expressed that the person he wants to work with the most is Jennie (BLACKPINK).

Recently, the two had the opportunity to participate in the 2024 MET Gala. If Jennie is one of the few representatives of K-pop to come to this red carpet, then Bright is the first Thai artist to strode on the red carpet of the prestigious event. Fans of the actor said that, despite not being able to shine, Bright's appearance at the 2024 MET Gala was already a proud achievement, marking a new step in the actor's career.

During her MET Gala comeback on May 6, Jennie went viral with a royal blue dress that showed off her slim waist. To help the BLACKPINK rapper have a few minutes to shine on stage, the design team spent 200 hours perfecting the costume.

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 2

The idol's outfit is made from vibrant pleated fabric, wrapped around her b.ody to help her o.ff her glamorous physique. The design of the costume is also quite special as the top is dropped to the floor like a cape. The highlight of Jennie's look is a pearl-studded belt and striking blue heels. According to WWD, the dress was inspired by Alaïa's fall 2024 collection, created with a single merino.

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 3

As soon as the pictures of Jennie's attendance at the MET Gala were posted, audiences around the world immediately buzzed. It can be seen that although he is no longer active under YG Entertainment, the star born in 1996 still has his own charisma, which is sought after by the media and audiences around the globe.

Previously, the BLACKPINK member attended the 2023 MET Gala red carpet and received a lot of attention. The return to the biggest "fashion party" of the year shows the status of the female K-Pop star today.

Many argue that Jennie wore the wrong theme of this year's MET Gala as "Sleeping Beauty".

Although there are many controversies surrounding Jennie's outfit, there is no denying her "hotness". The outfit helped Jennie o.ff her waist and slim b.ody.

On the male fan's side, Bright Vachirawit officially debuted at the MET Gala in 2024. For her first appearance at New York's The Met museum, the Thai star appeared in a black and gold coordination suit from Burberry.

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 4

Addressing the theme of royalty in the short story, the design worn by Bright Vachirawit at the 2024 MET Gala was inspired by the attire of the British aristocracy. The jacket is decorated in detail using bullion flower embroidery technique, which took more than 100 hours to make by hand.

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 5

Speaking about Bright Vachirawit's outfit at the MET Gala, Burberry Creative Director Daniel Lee said: "The jacket is made entirely of pleated georgette fabric. Then embroidery of flowers with bullion technique with color transition. Loose-fitting silk tuxedos are also decorated in this style."

Despite appearing masculine and attractive, Bright is considered somewhat "blackened", different from the cute "Sarawat" image that people used to love.

Bright Vachirawit admits to being c.razy about Jennie, who will be at the 2024 MET Gala - Photo 6

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