The American actor who plays "Prince of England" admits to "crushing" Jennie, has a long-standing crush

Châu AnhMay 09, 2024 at 17:28

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Jennie has always been the member with the most "huge" fan base and attraction of BLACKPINK. Not only the audience expressed their love for her, but even Hollywood cult stars were not afraid to express their feelings for Jennie.

Jennie is one of the most prominent members of BLACKPINK. The female idol has the largest fan base in the group thanks to her charismatic charisma, luxurious fashion sense, and ability to transform diverse styles. So every detail about Jennie is extremely interested by fans.

Not only owning a large number of fans in Asian countries, Jennie also receives love in other continents, even famous stars in the world. One of them is actor Nicholas Galitzine.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 1

Nicholas Galitzine is a British actor who is gradually asserting his attraction and leaving many marks in the Hollywood market through many quality works. Especially the role of Prince Henry in the movie "Red, White & Royal Blue" last year.

Recently, when participating in an interview talking about his latest role in the critically acclaimed "The Idea Of You", Nicholas Galitzine made headlines with his sharing related to Jennie (BLACKPINK).

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 2

It is known that in "The Idea Of You", Nicholas Galitzine transforms into a member of the band. To complete the role, the actor consulted K-pop stars BTS and BlackPink: " I love BTS. I love BlackPink." Notably, Nicholas Galitzine candidly confessed: " I have had a crush on Jennie for a long time." Sharing received a lot of attention from fans.

In fact, this is not the first time Nicholas Galitzine has publicly shown affection for Jennie. Earlier, the actor had posted many posts mentioning the "Solo" singer on social media.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 3

Recently, both Nicholas Galitzine and Jennie appeared on the red carpet of the 2024 Met Gala fashion event, but unfortunately the two artists have not had the opportunity to meet or interact with each other.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 4

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 5

Nicholas Galitzine (full name Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine) was born on September 29, 1994, to a father from the Golitsyn family - a Russian noble family. The actor was born and raised in England. Nicholas Galitzine is a famous British actor in the film industry. He has participated in many films and television projects. With his handsome appearance and natural acting, the guy quickly received the attention of the audience.

This British actor started his career very early. Galitzine's first role was in the film "The Beat Beneath My Feet" (2014). It was an opportunity for him to showcase his acting talent and attract recognition from the audience.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 6

Nicholas went on to build a career through various film and television projects. He has shown diverse abilities through roles in different genres. Nicholas Galitzine has acted in everything from musical films to horror and magic.

Nicholas Galitzine had his first role in The Beat Beneath My Feet (2014), having starred in productions such as Handsome Devil (2016), High Strung (2016), Cinderella (2021), Purple Heart (2022) ... Looking ahead, he stars alongside Julianne Moore in the Mary & George series (scheduled to premiere in December 2024).

In "Red, White and Royal Blue," Nicholas Galitzine takes on the role of Prince Henry. With characters expressing 2 contrasting states: Cold and weak, rich in emotions. Playing the role of gay, Henry faced the pressures and limitations of British royal society, not daring to express himself fully. Only when he fell in love with Alex, the son of the President of the United States, did Henry learn to overcome prejudices. From there, the prince of England bravely faced difficulties and became stronger.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 7

Despite this, Galitzine is ready to take on and express same-sex love sincerely. According to Variety, during the h.ot romance scenes, he and co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez were instructed to feel as comfortable with each other as possible. Thereby deeply conveying the intense feelings and desires of the main character couple.

Nicholas Galitzine is 1.83 meters tall, used to be an athlete before pursuing acting. Since childhood, he played many sports such as rugby, football, basketball... He placed second in the javelin throw competition in London. He is also passionate about music, planning to release many songs. The first single Comfort was released in 2022.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 8

He regularly practices sports, yoga, eats a healthy diet to keep his physique. In addition, the actor loves to practice martial arts, once dreamed of becoming a professional boxer. Many fans complimented his appearance and elegant dress style.

The American actor who plays Prince of England admits to crushing Jennie, has a long-standing crush - Photo 9

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