BLACKPINK "sees" Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé "flex" in extreme Vietnamese?

Kim LâmNov 04, 2023 at 07:32

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After See Tinh, BLACKPINK recently made Vietnamese fans "stand still" by showing off their ability to sing Vietnamese fluently in a recent hit Vietnamese song. The VBlinks couldn't help but be surprised by the pronunciation ability of all 4 members.

BLACKPINK is one of the names leading the Hallyu wave "invading" the world music industry. Not only influential in Korea and Asia, the 4 YG girls also affirmed their names in the US-UK market, which is the largest music market in the world.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 1

A series of "unprecedented" achievements of BLACKPINK on a series of fronts Youtube, Instagram, Spotify ,... all show the strong influence and huge fandom of the four girls!

Recently, the online community has been stirred by the clip recording the cover of 4 BLACKPINK members when performing the song " Cut in half" melancholy - the song that is "storming" Vpop in recent days of Tang Duy Tan.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 2

In the clip, the members of BLACKPINK took turns showing off their voices in the Vietnamese verses of the song " Cut the Sorrow" in half. The 4 girls showed how to divide the verses extremely well, creating an extremely harmonious cover that makes everyone "sticky" from the first listen.

After enjoying all 4 performances of BLACKPINK, the online community has come to the conclusion that Jisoo and Rosé are the 2 members who sing Vietnamese smoothly, smoothly and clearly in BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 3

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 4

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 5

However, this is actually a product of AI - Artificial Intelligence Technology. AI was used to collect vocal data of 4 BLACKPINK members and encode it into Vietnamese language. This is a h.ot trend recently when there are continuously appearing AI products for international artists singing Vietnamese music such as Mariah Carey, Jungkook,,... Although this is just a product of artificial intelligence, for BLACKPINK fans, it is a great experience when they can hear and understand what idols sing.

This is not the first time that the online community has shown off BLACKPINK's talent to "sing Vietnamese", before that, the covers of 4 BLACKPINK members created by fans with AI have received great attention, earning a high amount of interaction. Jennie has also been imitated in AI-generated covers such as Love Charm (Bich Phuong), If Then (tspirit) ...

Remember during the Born Pink show at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi on the evening of 29/7, 4 members of the group BlackPink brought a hearty music party with a series of famous songs and fiery dances, the exchange in Vietnamese made fans burst.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 6

Not only saying "hello" in Vietnamese, Blackpink also said absentmindedly: "Are you happy?", "You guys shout" ... to interact with the audience. The girls made the audience scream with delight. The group's Vietnamese-speaking moments quickly went viral online.

In addition to s.hooting hearts and wearing hats on stage, Blackpink also danced to the music "See love". Because he didn't know the lesson, Jisoo was shy. Jennie then teaches the group to take on the challenge. All 4 female members gracefully danced along as the song "See Love " was played. The audience below the stage cheered with delight.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 7

The band members shared that they accidentally saw the cover clip of this song on social media and realized it was a song from Vietnam. Therefore, all 4 members learned to dance covers to surprise the audience at My Dinh Stadium.

See Love is a hit song performed by Huang Thuy Linh, loved by many Korean and Chinese celebrities, recording video clips dancing along to the music.

Before BlackPink, many Korean music stars danced cover dances in the song See love, including Super Junior when they held a concert in Vietnam in March earlier this year.

Not only See Tinh, the fan community in Vietnam is also extremely stirred by the clip that is said to be BLACKPINK has "danced" Vietnamese music on the world tour stage, but specifically 2 minutes more.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 8

In the clip shared, many people were surprised by the moment Lisa and a male dancer performed the viral dance of 2 minutes more, the other members also excitedly responded behind.

Although the music in the clip is not the original sound, many fans claim that this is the dance of 2 minutes and Lisa also knows about this trend. This is not too hard to believe when Cannon's song was a global phenomenon not long ago.

BLACKPINK sees Vietnamese music again, covers the new hit song, Rosé flex in extreme Vietnamese? - Photo 9

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