What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YG's response is "dizzying" fast.

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The rumor that Jisoo and Jennie will establish their own company after their contract with YG ends has made fans "restless". Many questions have been raised about BLACKPINK's future. Quickly, YG responded to "pacify" public opinion.

It seems that after the Born Pink tour ends, the contract extension issue between YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK members will soon be announced. However, the negotiation situation between the two sides is taking more time than expected and has been a "hot" topic in Korean media for the past 2 weeks.

On September 25, News1 suddenly reported exclusively that Jisoo and Jennie both established their own companies. It is known that because Jisoo and Jennie are still discussing with YG Entertainment about group activities, it is expected that the separate company will only focus on the individual activities of the two female idols.

Immediately after that, this unit frankly denied the above information in an interview with Korean media: "There is still no confirmation about the contract extension and future activities of BlackPink." .

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 1

No longer as confused as when they first received rumors about the re-signing issue, BLINKs are now calmer and respect the girls' decisions. But with Jennie and Jisoo establishing their own company, the public couldn't help but be surprised. Korean media analyzed the possibility that Jennie could return to The Black Label or promote and release a solo album on her own in the US while focusing on the fashion industry. As for Jisoo, many news sites predicted that she would promote her acting career.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 2

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 3

The most curious question right now is how BLACKPINK will operate if Jennie and Jisoo both have their own management companies. As previously spread information, even though only Rosé re-signed and the remaining 3 members went in different directions, BLACKPINK still did not disband. The 4 girls will maintain the group name, protect the BLACKPINK brand and ensure promotion for at least 6 months a year. The issue of each member's management company will not affect group activities too much if agreements are approved and schedules are agreed upon.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 4

If the above "scenario" is correct, BLACKPINK's direction will repeat like SNSD. After the exclusive contract expired in 2017, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Seohyun were the three members who did not re-sign. SM continues to manage the remaining 5 pieces, focusing on Taeyeon's solo, Yoona's acting and forming a new unit group Oh!GG in 2018. In July 2022, SNSD returned to promote all 8 members with the album Forever 1. No longer in the same company, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Seohyun balance their schedules. SM is responsible for producing, promoting and managing related schedules for group products.

But in general, if you don't re-sign together, your group activities will definitely be interrupted. Therefore, BLINKs are ready to prepare for future change. It will be difficult for BLACKPINK to promote as a Kpop g.irl group with new music every year or run a third World Tour.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 5

The four BLACKPINK girls all have solid careers and strong economic potential after many years of hard work. In particular, Jennie - Jisoo also participated in acting and received positive feedback from the public in addition to collaborating with fashion houses like the other two members. Besides, many units are willing to spend "huge" amounts of m.oney to recruit members of the BLACKPINK group to join the company.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 6

Previously, the media reported that BLACKPINK members were discussing how to work "individually and together". Accordingly, three members Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa are expected to leave YG, only Rosé will continue to stay at YG Entertainment.

TV Report also attracted attention when it reported that Lisa would sign a contract worth 60 billion won (1,086 billion VND) including 6 albums with an American record label. The famous female idol will have the right to establish her own studio, work with musicians and own album copyrights. At the same time, she still continues to participate in performance and fashion activities.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 7

Information about Blackpink's future has strongly affected YG Entertainment's business situation. On September 22, YG Entertainment's shares plummeted after Korean media reported that 3 out of 4 Blackpink members would not renew their contracts with the company.

Recently, the youngest sister Lisa and the eldest sister Jisoo both had their own schedules abroad. The two appeared at the airport without YG's bodyguards, causing rumors about only Rosé staying at the company to spread even more.

What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YGs response is dizzying fast. - Photo 8

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