Lisa 'flippantly' signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage

Juni NguyễnSep 20, 2023 at 14:27

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While fans and investors are concerned about whether Lisa will continue to sign a contract with YG to accompany Rose, Jennie or Jisoo, it was recently reported that Lisa has signed a contract with a company. in America.

Recently, rumors about Lisa's romantic relationship with billionaire heir Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer and son of LVMH Chairman, as well as rumors of an unsuccessful contract renewal, have been spread. While contract extensions for the remaining three members are said to be progressing smoothly, YG Entertainment has stated that discussions regarding Lisa's contract are still ongoing.

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 1

When fans expressed hope that this would not be BlackPink's last concert, Jennie burst into tears, breaking their hearts. On September 17, at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, BlackPink held an encore concert for their BORN PINK world tour. At the end of the show, BlackPink members took turns expressing their feelings about ending the world tour.

In the final sharing, Jennie appeared emotional when mentioning that they had gone through many ups and downs during the tour over the past year. In particular, when singing "As If It's Your Last", Jennie stopped for a few seconds and took a deep breath as if trying to hold back tears.

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 2

Witnessing this scene, international fans speculated that Jennie might be worried about Lisa renewing her contract and that the concert might be BlackPink's last performance together.

Previously, foreign media raised suspicions that Lisa might not renew her contract with YG Entertainment, citing her prolonged stay in Thailand as evidence. There is also information about Lisa refusing YG's offer to extend her contract worth 50 billion won.

If Lisa's contract extension is not successful, it will be difficult to see BlackPink members performing on stage as a whole group after this world tour. This is also the reason why fans are worried about Jennie's tears at the concert.

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 3

With the contract negotiations between Lisa and YG advertising company still being discussed, many investors have recently become extremely worried, leading to YG Entertainment's stock price being affected.

On September 18, YG Entertainment shares closed at a lower price than the average of 78,000 KRW (58.90 USD) per share, down 1.64% from the previous trading day. This decrease is speculated to be related to rumors that YG did not successfully renew Lisa's contract.

Rumors began to spread after September 15 when it was reported that Lisa had rejected a contract worth 50 billion KRW (37.6 million USD) from YG. It is known that this is not the first time the female idol has refused to renew her contract with YG. In addition, the youngest member of the BlackPink group also received countless great value offers from companies around the world.

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 4

Investors and fans on the YG Entertainment discussion forum dissected the members' comments during the final concert of the BORN PINK world tour at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, held on September 16 and 17. 9.

Recently, according to information from the media, Lisa signed a full contract with an American company, including 6 albums and all music, movies, television, fashion and entertainment-related performances. Her contract was all signed by this company, not just an individual contract.

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 5

The report said: "Lisa will own the master tapes of all the music she records in the future (about 6 new albums). Lisa will have creative control over her music and career. Cooperating with an American record label will ensure that Lisa has access to the music market such as entertainment (music, Hollywood movies, video games, fashion and lifestyle). In addition, according to the agreement If agreed, Lisa will have her own record label so she has the right to sign contracts with new artists."

Lisa flippantly signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage - Photo 6

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