BLACKPINK didn't hold a concert in Ho Chi Minh City why?

Thư KỳNov 01, 2023 at 17:14

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While many Vietnamese Blink expected BLACKPINK to have concerts in Ho Chi Minh City after two successful nights in Hanoi in July, recently, the reason why the Black Huong girls did not perform in Ho Chi Minh City was revealed.

Earlier on July 29 and 30, BLACKPINK chose Hanoi as the last stop in their concert tour " Born Pink" Asia. In these 2 nights, it attracted more than 67 thousand audiences, reaching revenue of more than 13 million USD.

At the time of announcing their arrival in Vietnam to perform, it was reported that BLACKPINK would sing in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. However, after that, the group only performed 2 nights in the Capital and chose Vietnam as the last stop in Asia for "Born Pink".

BLACKPINK didnt hold a concert in Ho Chi Minh City why? - Photo 1

It is known that BLACKPINK's "Born Pink" world tour has officially ended after a journey lasting from October 2022 to September 2023, through many cities in countries around the world, with a total revenue of more than $ 260 million.

In the afternoon of 31/10, discussing at the National Assembly on the socio-economic situation, National Assembly Member Do Chi Nghia (Phu Yen) assessed that Vietnam has great room to develop art and culture and gave an example the success of 2 nights of BlackPink's concert in Hanoi: "If they organize 2 more nights, It only takes 4 nights for us to strive until 2030."

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"So, just two nights of BLACKPINK are less than half the number we are striving for in terms of total revenue from the performing arts in 2030, which is very thoughtful. They collected in our country, our Vietnamese, in our My Dinh stadium.

When we entered Ho Chi Minh City, the comrades of the Department of Culture said that unfortunately the standard of the stadium in Ho Chi Minh City is not met, otherwise they go there to perform for 2 more nights, just 4 nights of performance, they collect m.oney equal to us striving for 2030 "- Mr. Nghia wondered, At the same time, emphasizing that the room to develop this field is huge.

BLACKPINK didnt hold a concert in Ho Chi Minh City why? - Photo 3

Blackpink is a South Korean g.irl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of 4 members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. However, the Black Xiang girls are now out of contract with YG and are negotiating whether to re-sign or not. At the same time, while waiting to sign contracts, BLACKPINK girls all have their own solo directions.

If Lisa has just made a splash with her 19-rated bar nights for the elite, Jisoo has released a new music product marking her solo development.

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Information on YG Entertainment's stock price situation has been updated. YG's stock price is declining day by day due to constant rumors about BlackPink's ability not to renew their contract.

The main reason for YG's stock price decline is BLACKPINK's uncertain future with the company. In this situation, if YG fails to convince the BLACKPINK members to renew their contracts, the company's performance in 2024 is expected to be severely affected.

Ji In-hae, researcher at Shinhan Investment & Securities, said, "BLACKPINK currently has the biggest impact on YG's value. If their contract extension is unsuccessful, it will have a huge negative impact on YG's performance next year."

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Therefore, all eyes are now on YG's Q3 report. The company always reveals exclusive contracts with artists in the main contract section of its activity report, and this is expected to include whether BlackPink will renew their contracts. In the first half of 2023 report, BlackPink topped the list of major contracts.

YG has adopted the model of submitting periodic reports on the same day as the deadline for submission and announcing the interim effect in the previous 3 or 4 days. If this happens again, YG will likely release interim results around November 10 and quarterly report on November 14. For 2022, YG announced its provisional results on November 10 and reported its quarterly report on the same day.

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Recently, an official from YG's management stated , "We will officially announce our stance on extending our contract with BlackPink. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether we will make an official statement before the quarterly report is published."

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