Bich Tram: Linh Ty's wife is famous for being stingy and doesn't give her m.oney to buy anything

Minh LợiJun 15, 2024 at 17:15

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Actress Bich Tram married colleague Linh Ty - the son of two famous Cai Luong artists. Overcoming a series of storms and scandals to come together, the couple now has a daughter.

Bich Tram was born in 1984. She has been active in art since she was 16 years old. The actress is known for many television dramas such as: Repentance, Life Together, Strawberry on the Road...

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 1

In 2011, the actress married colleague Linh Ty - the son of two famous Cai Luong artists Linh Tam - Cam Thu. The couple has one daughter.

Before that, to escape the sadness of her parents' divorce, Linh Ty indulged in insatiable partying. He is so famous for being so spoiled that when he met Bich Tram, his showbiz friends stopped him because they were afraid Bich Tram would suffer. But Bich Tram changed Linh Ty so that he loved this life more, loved himself more because she was the happiness he had been looking for for so long.

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 2

Bich Tram is also famous for being jealous, so the couple's married life has gone through many storms. And most of it was because Linh Ty's friends knew her personality so they intentionally "burned the house down".

However, after 13 years together, the couple still maintains the spark of happiness. Recently, the actress posted a photo of having just bought a house. She wrote: "Save to save, add a little joy this year. Thank God and Buddha for always blessing my husband and I to have a prosperous and healthy business."

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 3

Recently, during the property dispute drama of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, although she did not appear, Bich Tram still silently supported and encouraged Hong Loan.

Threatened with j.ealousy

In 2021, actress Bich Tram suddenly posted a status sharing that she had been continuously threatened and insulted by a woman named Tran NT living in Ho Chi Minh City since 2019 because of j.ealousy.

Bich Tram does not know this woman at all, nor does she have anything to do with her ex-husband. At the same time, Bich Tram said that she and her husband asked the law to intervene to protect them. Bich Tram also advised this woman to stop so things don't go too far.

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 4

Specifically, Bich Tram wrote: "First, according to the information I know from the People's Court of District 3, she and her ex-husband have completed divorce procedures since 2017, so in law she has no right to stand up. Jealous of your ex-husband's actions, actions, friendships, and contact with anyone.

Second, she and I have never met in person, and I have nothing to do with her ex-husband, whom for many years, since 2019, she has been texting, threatening, insulting, c.ursing, Insults affect my life.

She always said that I interfered with her happiness, but it seemed like she forgot that she was single and without a husband. My husband and I did not respond to any news but just silently blocked her Facebook account because we thought she was sick.

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 5

But she continued to create many fake messages to threaten us and speculate about everything. So, now I speak up to ask the law where you live to protect us.

We do not want to post her pictures and messages on the online community because we are thinking about her two children, we are afraid that the children will be psychologically affected in the future and I think we must live and work according to the law. but not nonsense.

If you want to separate my husband and I, this is a stupid action because we have been together for more than 10 years. Please stop your wrong doing before things go too far, because I know you very well."

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 6

Under this status, Bich Tram also apologized to the audience for having to bring this bad story to the online community.

Admitted to being stingy, not giving her husband m.oney to buy things

Not only is she known for being stingy, actress Bich Tram is also famous for managing her husband every little thing. Bich Tram also knows these rumors well and she is not afraid to admit they are true.

Recently on her personal page, actress Bich Tram shared: "Everyone says I'm stingy. That's true. Why don't I give Mr. Ty m.oney to buy anything?"

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 7

Ba Linh Tam gave me clothes and shoes. Every once in a while, my dad asks me to come over to eat and he gives me a bunch of things. When people saw Mr. Ty often wearing hats, Cam Thu's mother went all the way to buy them for him and sent them back to America.

In addition, my aunts and uncles love me for clothes, food, and things I use constantly. It turns out it didn't cost me anything. The love of my parents and everyone always completes my life and Mr. Ty's. Not to mention I often eat at Grandpa 5's house."

Under the status, close friends commented quite happily. A friend wrote, "Poor Ty. Still feel sorry."

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 8

A relative of the couple commented: "Just saying that is not true. Ty without Tram is worried that Ty will be exhausted. In addition to eating, whatever he wants to eat, every time Ty goes out to drink, Tram always for 500,000. I'm your witness." Actress Bich Tram quickly replied, "Oh my god, my sister has already confessed everything."

Bich Tram: Linh Tys wife is famous for being stingy and doesnt give her m.oney to buy anything - Photo 9

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