Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals?

Hương DuyMar 22, 2024 at 10:35

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Despite investing a lot in his music career, Nam Em has not been able to create any attraction, with even lower views than his "fun" livestreams. Netizens have now understood the real reason that Nam Em likes to create scandals.

Recently, Nam Em suddenly attracted attention when releasing a new music video after a series of noisy livestreams over the past time. Despite spending a huge amount of m.oney and investing a lot of brainpower, the beauty's music product only attracted about 38,000 views after one day of release. This is a less impressive number compared to the current popularity on social networks of the name "Nam Em".

However, the paradox is that a livestream video of Nam Em and her husband arguing for 30 minutes has a higher number of views than a carefully invested music product. This has proven one thing, the audience only really remembers the name "Nam Em" through gossip and drama instead of her music career.

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 1

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 2

Because of this, many people believe that Nam Em's constant creating controversy over the past time is to save her increasingly declining career. However, many people have left advice for Nam Em. They believe that, instead of using the livestream platform to build a name, the Tien Giang beauty should focus more on her music career, because she is talented and not useless as many people think.

"Livestream is destroying Nam Em's singing career," said an audience comment below the new MV of the beauty from Tien Giang. The clearest proof is Nam Em's statements on live broadcast that caused her show to be canceled. The beauty contest Miss Mekong Delta "discontinued" because it is no longer suitable. Just that, Nam Em's desire to return to showbiz will be much more difficult.

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 3

If Nam Em and her husband use livestream to become more famous with the audience. But everything created a negative reaction from the audience. Many longtime fans of the model born in 1996 have "turned around" and no longer admire the beauty. It's no exaggeration to say that the audience is gradually losing trust in Nam Em. The stories surrounding Nam Em's life make it difficult for the public to understand. For example, Nam Em's love story is controversial. The information the beauty told on social networks is no longer trustworthy to the public.

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 4

Recently, Nam Em made many people angry with his actions of climbing on the balcony during the livestream. The majority of viewers think that she is promoting dangerous and influential work on social networks.

Not to mention whether Nam Em did right or wrong, but the immediate loser is this beauty herself. She "made a big loss" when she revealed too many hidden corners of her life and that of other artists. In addition, Nam Em's spirit was affected because of receiving many negative feedback from the public. The beauty even had to be hospitalized due to poor health. Looking back from the end of 2023 until now, Nam Em has lost audiences, lost m.oney, and lost health just because of continuous livestreaming.

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 5

Nam Em's full name is Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em is Miss Mekong Delta 2015. The student at Hanoi Military University of Culture and Arts is not only noticed for her dignified and elegant beauty like Miss Universe. Dang Thu Thao, but also by the rather strange name: Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em.

Nam Em was once considered by fans to be a beauty with confidence and gentle, innocent beauty like her sister Dang Thu Thao. The makeup and hair styles of the two beauties are also similar, so they received great sympathy from fans.

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 6

Tragic comedy Nam Em has twice as many livestream views as her music MV: Why do you keep creating scandals? - Photo 7

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