Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby"

Nam PhươngNov 04, 2022 at 16:26

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The voice "Living away from you is not easy" directly refers to the drama between Phuong Hang and the artist world. Bao Anh affirmed that before, she considered CEO Dai Nam like any normal woman, however, when the story was pushed too far, she had a different thought.

More than a year ago, when Phuong Hang live streamed to challenge the artists. Contrary to the harsh views from colleagues such as: Trang Tran, Dam Vinh Hung... at that time, Bao Anh shared a rather neutral opinion. She expressed that she was quite upset with her wife because she was called "a bunch of artists". However, from a humanitarian perspective, understanding the feelings of a victim. The singer sympathizes with the inhibitions that Phuong Hang encountered, especially when she was scammed by "medicine god" Vo Hoang Yen with a large amount of m.oney.

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 1

"Please do not judge the couple's story because it is the private territory of the insiders. It's a bit sad because I'm also among the 'artists', but if I ignore personal pride and sympathy for a woman who is suffering a lot of pain and frustration, I would like to thank them for having the courage to exchange their personal face to protect public health. doctor' to take advantage of other people's health, to use the name of 'charity' to defraud a fortune, it is no longer a moral issue but should be severely punished by the law," Bao Anh once wrote on Facebook. personal page.

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 2

After the article was published, Bao Anh received many compliments for having a multi-dimensional thinking, looking at the problem thoroughly. In particular, the use of civilized words, without lashing out or "following" any faction, shows the focus of the beauty.

"Bao Anh also did not speak for Linh's father. Artist Hoai Linh is like, personality, both the art world and the people know very well. No one-sided personal opinion is enough to change Truth is inherently independent of consciousness.

Bao Anh also did not convict anyone, but Bao Anh hopes there will be a thorough investigation and the evil will face the law. What makes Bao Anh speak is because when the public is too preoccupied with private matters, they will forget about the common problem." - Bao Anh shared more

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 3

After time, Phuong Hang "made a storm" and was detained by the authorities. Recently, Bao Anh surprised when he appeared as a guest at the livestream of journalist Han Ni. Reportedly, journalist Han Ni and CEO Dai Nam had a quarrel, both filed a lawsuit in court, and even the giant woman went to the other's house to "talk". In the presence of Bao Anh, many comments and questions. Is it possible that the vocalist "Once belonged to each other" has now turned the car and shook hands with journalist Han Ni.

Right on the online wave, Bao Anh has shared around noisy. She said that the reason she spoke up before was because she had good intentions, she considered the female giant as normal people, with no malice. However, witnessing Phuong Hang's use of social media to attack and i.nsult the artist world made her think differently. Bao Anh also denied rumors that he was a "curly c.hild - a sarcastic nick name for those who followed Phuong Hang's side".

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 4

"In the beginning, Bao Anh considered Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang like any other woman. I did not discriminate or hold any grudges. After that, things went too far and wrong things happened in the way of behavior, then Mrs. Phuong Hang has a new nickname "rolling". Bao Anh also agrees with journalist Han Ni that, if he supported it completely before, it would be called "rolling" or "spinning the car".

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 5

"Tell Anh to protect myself, I should only talk about things that I know very well. What I don't know well, it's best to keep quiet, until I know it. Of all things. When it comes to artist dramas on the internet in general, a lot of people are suddenly exposed. The information is always spreading outside. People don't understand how black and white is, but they jumped in and attacked. 1 thing is very unfair to the artist or an individual. So everyone should be alert or slow down before the information around. What needs to be resolved is protected by law." - Ca Doctor Bao Anh explained

Bao Anh "turned the car", sent a profound message to Phuong Hang, responded to the rumor of "rolling up the b.aby" - Photo 6

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