"Copy of Ngoc Trinh" asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace

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For a long time, "Queen of philandering" Ngoc Trinh and actress Le Ngoc Trinh have been placed on the "comparison table" by netizens. When Ngoc Trinh was still at the peak of her career, many people thought that Le Ngoc Trinh was a "copy" of her close friend Vu Khac Tiep.

However, when the "Queen of Controversy" got into trouble recently, Le Ngoc Trinh was suddenly compared.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 1

Recently, the actress spoke up: "I beg everyone, please do not mention people who are not related to my life on my personal page, everyone's blessings are enjoyed, everyone's karma is theirs, whoever does wrong is their own. Yes, there is a law to punish, can we not laugh when others are in trouble?

Don't lift me up high and slap her, I'm very small, no matter what, I'm still a junior. I don't want to compete with anyone for any position. Over the years, I have tried to avoid all the scandals and problems of showbiz. Because in the future I will be very weak, very fragile and breakable. But not as strong as before.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 2

If something doesn't affect you, don't say anything to other people, I beg you, because everyone has their own life. When she was in the limelight, I was never jealous. Now that I'm in trouble, I don't even think about it. think happily. What I need now is peace and to be carefree and innocent in living my life like I have tried my best to have in the past days. I love you, please don't compare me anymore, please hope for her peace. oh. Please let me live peacefully as I have been living. People go to my personal page and do that. I don't dare post anything these days. I feel so sorry for her. Please leave my soul at peace. Please".

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 3

Le Ngoc Trinh was born in 1996, joined Vietnamese showbiz for about 5 years and received a lot of attention thanks to her appearance like "Lingerie Queen" Ngoc Trinh. Before the Covid-19 epidemic, Le Ngoc Trinh lived quietly, worked hard in artistic activities, participated in many television series to prove her acting ability and strength, and escaped the title of "Joc copy". Trinh". She has acted in films such as: Picking a mother-in-law, Paying me back in this life, Vengeance, Wind chimes...

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 4

The beauty from Can Tho once humorously said that she was destined to play the role of poverty and miserable fate in many television dramas. She calls herself "Miss Poverty" and finds her roles to be completely different from her real life self.

Le Ngoc Trinh revealed that she currently owns many real estate properties and collects all kinds of cars. 'Thinking about which car to take every day is tiring enough,' Le Ngoc Trinh said.

The actress believes that women should try to work hard to become rich themselves instead of trying to do everything to be with a rich man.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 5

With the advantage of a balanced physique, Ngoc Trinh pursues a charming and stylish fashion style.

Famous for being beautiful and successful, her love life is not very smooth. Ngoc Trinh had two noisy love affairs with Vietnamese players Le Thanh Phong and Lieu Quang Vinh. Both of these relationships caused the press to waste a lot of ink because they involved a third person.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 6

Especially when breaking up with Lieu Quang Vinh, the 9X actress suffered from depression, had to cut her hair, go to the temple to live for a while to calm down and regain balance in life.

After the events in her personal life, Ngoc Trinh became tight-lipped. She rarely shares about her boyfriend or love life but only focuses on her artistic work and business. In some photos shared on social networks, observant fans noticed that she was wearing a ring on her ring finger but always kept silent about questions about dating and love.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 7

At the beginning of the year, Le Ngoc Trinh shared a picture of a gift of 500 million VND transferred to his account. Along with that is a message from someone, addressing the husband and wife very affectionately. The actress is also associated with the song "What she likes", making many people curious if this is a gift from that person on March 8. Faced with these speculations, she kept silent and did not r.eveal more about this post.

Copy of Ngoc Trinh asks fans to let her sister go: Please hope for her peace - Photo 8

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