Bach Loc transforms into 'Rag Goddess' in a new image, causing fans to criticize

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Bach Loc, a name that is emerging as a phenomenon in the Chinese film industry with a series of impressive roles in historical films, recently made fans "spin" because of the new image that is said to be " battered" in the film project Lam Giang Tien.

Only after being hailed as the "muse" in the historical film Lam Giang Tien with her elegant, escapist appearance. Recently, Bach Loc immediately became the center of controversy because the image spread quickly on social networks. Far from the image of a gentle "muse", Bach Loc in her new look surprised many audiences with her cumbersome, messy, and somewhat sloppy white outfit, which was compared to "wrapped rags" on her b.ody. .

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 1

Many opinions say that this type of outfit has caused Bach Loc to lose her inherent beauty, replacing it with a less sophisticated image and somewhat "dampening" the actress's beauty.

The new change in Bach Loc's appearance has sparked many conflicting debates on social networks. On film forums, many viewers expressed disappointment with Bach Loc's new look, saying it did not match the actress's beauty and temperament. However, besides the negative comments, there were also many people who spoke up to defend Bach Loc, saying that due to the inappropriate s.hooting angle and lighting, the actress' appearance was somewhat "drowned". . They believe that with his beauty and acting ability, Bach Loc will still fulfill his role in Lam Giang Tien.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 2

Although it is unknown whether this will be a "push" to help Bach Loc confirm her diverse acting abilities or will cause the actress's beauty to be "dampened", fans still hope that Bach Loc will have an impressive performance. in this new project. Besides the noise about shaping, Bach Loc is still working hard on the set of Lam Giang Tien, promising to bring the audience impressive footage.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 3

Lam Giang Tien is a historical project adapted from the novel of the same name by author Cuu Lo Phi Huong. Bach Loc was favored by "favorite chicken" Vu Chinh to take on the female lead role.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 4

The film revolves around the difficult and contradictory love story between Bach Cuu Tu, the powerful and cold deity of Tang Loi Palace, and Ly Thanh Nguyet, an ordinary female disciple but possessing extraordinary power of the Tinh sect. Cloud. Bach Cuu Tu, the god in charge of Tang Loi Palace, fell in love with Ly Thanh Nguyet - an ordinary female disciple. However, their love faces many obstacles due to differences in status and status. But Ly Thanh Nguyet did not trust Bach Cuu Tu because she had no memory of their past love affair, making her always suspicious and shy of Bach Cuu Tu. However, fate ironically f.orced Bach Cuu Tu and Ly Thanh Nguyet to stick together, inseparable but also unable to completely harmonize.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 5

In the film, Bach Loc plays Ly Thanh Nguyet, a strong, resilient but also mysterious female disciple. Tang Shun Hy, a young actor with great potential, will take on the role of Bach Cuu Tu - a powerful god with a complex and contradictory mind. The combination of Bach Loc and Tang Thuan Hy promises to bring an explosive, emotional performance to the audience.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 6

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 7

Besides Bach Loc and Tang Shun Hy, Lam Giang Tien also has the participation of supporting actors such as: Luu Vu Han, Luu Suong, Vuong Thanh, Trinh Tue Van,... With an outstanding cast with the same content. Attractive, adapted from the famous work of author Cuu Lo Phi Huong, Lam Giang Tien is expected to be the next "historical blockbuster" of Chinese screens in the near future.

Currently, Lam Giang Tien is still in the process of filming and has no official show schedule.

Bach Loc transforms into Rag Goddess in a new image, causing fans to criticize - Photo 8

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