Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry

Hoa TuyếtFeb 29, 2024 at 10:57

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Recently, Bach Loc has received many compliments about her beauty ranking, thanks to changing her makeup style as well as investing in clothes. However, a recently leaked unedited photo destroyed everything.

Bach Loc's real name is Bach Mong Nghien, born in 1994 in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. She soon became known as a model, a famous h.ot g.irl on social networks, then later ventured into acting and was recognized by the audience through many films.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 1

The works that the little flower g.irl has participated in that left an impression include: Phoenix Prisoner (starring Song Uy Long - Guan Xiaotong), Chieu Dieu (cooperating with Hua Khai), Half a Sugar Honey - Half Dau Thuong (paired with La Van Hi), Chau Sinh Nhu Co (acting next to Nham Gia Luan),...

Because she often plays historical costumes with many enchanting looks, Bach Loc is known as the "new generation goddess" of the Chinese screen. To maintain her sweet, feminine beauty, she always focuses on her skin care routine. However, because of her busy schedule and lack of rest, the little flower g.irl still cannot avoid having skin imperfections.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 2

Most recently, Chinese media suddenly "exposed" the skin of beauty Bach at an event through a super close-up lens. In the photo, the actress revealed uneven and rough skin, much less sparkling than the official photo series.

It can be seen that the bold, sophisticated makeup has unintentionally "dampened" the inherently beautiful features of female lead Ninh An Nhu Mong. She even revealed streaks of makeup, making the image extremely unaesthetic.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 3

However, Bach Loc's fans quickly defended and said that it is normal for artists like their idols to r.eveal less smooth skin because they often have to follow tight schedules and work with intense pressure. high level and pressure because of the audience.

However, others expressed their opinion that the makeup artist for the movie star Di Ai Vi Doanh made a serious mistake, choosing tones that were too dark and not even applying powder carefully, so it quickly faded away, r.evealing such patchy skin color.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 4

Having said that, even though Bach Loc has bare skin with few flaws, if she doesn't wear heavy makeup, her beauty becomes quite normal, even being compared to h.ot girls online or photo models. less popular. That's why makeup artists choose to apply heavy makeup to the little flower g.irl, causing her to look older than her real age.

In other developments, after experiencing a successful year in 2023, Bach Loc is currently rushing to complete the movie "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" starring young actor Ngao Thuy Bang. In this project, the actress received many compliments for her appearance.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 5

On February 28, the male and female lead pair suddenly posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the movie, and announced that they had completed all filming, officially closing filming and preparing for the post-production process.

In the series of posted photos, Bach Loc shared many extremely close moments with co-star Ngao Thuy Bang. In particular, the actress is not afraid to hug her shoulder and create a very sweet heart shape with her "screen lover".

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 6

These images have made fans of the Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach couple miss the previous interactions of the two main actors of "Ninh An Nhu Mong".

Remember not long ago, Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach also often had intimate actions. Even the little flower g.irl is not afraid to publicly post sweet photos with her "rumored lover" on her personal social network accounts.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 7

Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach is one of the most famous fake love movie couples on the Chinese screen. The two were entangled in dating rumors because of a series of intimate actions behind the scenes as well as after "Ninh An Nhu Mong" ended.

The couple has been photographed many times going on private dates or doing sweet things for each other, however, they have never once spoken up about this issue, making the audience very anxious.

Unedited photos of Bach Loc were released, her real beauty made fans cry - Photo 8

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