Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her

Đình NhưApr 15, 2024 at 07:18

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After an arduous and dramatic artificial insemination journey, Nhan Vlog and her husband recently announced that they had just given birth to their first c.hild, and also revealed the name of their little angel.

The female YouTuber happily shared, "The world welcomes an angel, parents welcome a miracle of their parents." Along with that, Ms. Nhan Vlog wrote a long letter, sharing her feelings from the beginning of her journey to find her c.hild, going through many ups and downs and having a lovely, adorable b.aby like now.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 1

Mrs. Nhan Vlog and her husband call this a miracle because they have both been pursuing the journey to find their c.hild for many years.

During the process from pregnancy to giving birth, Ms. Nhan Vlog experienced many different emotions. At first, she had severe morning sickness for 4 months but still tried to make videos and focus on work. On the day of giving birth, because of induction and medication for 2 and a half days, she still could not give birth normally, so she chose a cesarean section to welcome the b.aby.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 2

"Through everything in life, I finally heard your cry. I cried like a c.hild with you. Crying because I became a mother like everyone else, because I tried to stand firm. At the last minute, she used her own eggs instead of asking for someone else's eggs. She cried because a miracle finally happened to a woman whose eggs were close to zero, severely infertile, and suffering from many problems such as stasis. Fallopian tube fluid, endometritis,... But I finally became a mother," Ms. Nhan Vlog confided emotionally.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 3

During her pregnancy and throughout the journey to find her c.hild, her husband was always by her side to support Mrs. Nhan Vlog's spirit. Mrs. Nhan Vlog and her husband call their first daughter Tieu Boi.

She explained: "Tieu Boi is the name that I have thought of since you were just an embryo. Because you are precious and priceless to our parents."

Ms. Nhan Vlog's post quickly received attention and thousands of good wishes from friends and netizens because after many difficulties, she welcomed the little angel.

Notably, doctor Cao Huu Thinh also directly left a congratulatory comment in Mrs. Nhan and her husband's Vlog post.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 4

Besides congratulations from Dr. Thinh, Quynh Tran JP - a close sister - also quickly sent congratulations to Mrs. Nhan Vlog.

Duc Nhan (real name of Mrs. Nhan Vlog) is married to a Japanese husband, famous on YouTube for his mukbang clips. Her husband once had to choose to quit his job as an engineer to follow his wife back to Vietnam during the time they decided to pursue the journey of "finding a child" using the IVF method.

Before giving birth, the Vlog lady prepared everything to welcome her first daughter. The couple bought many genuine diapers and countless newborn clothes for the b.aby. Not only that, the female YouTuber also bought 5-6 month old clothes for her b.aby.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 5

Last March, social networks couldn't help but stir about the scandal between Ms. Nhan Vlog and infertility doctor Cao Huu Thinh. At that time, Ms. Nhan Vlog asked Dr. Thinh to treat infertility with egg injection and artificial insemination. However, after that, Ms. Nhan Vlog posted a video "accusing" Mr. Cao Huu Thinh of not paying attention when scheduling the examination incorrectly.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 6

However, after a period of time, Dr. Thinh continued to play an important role in supporting this female YouTuber during the embryo placement process and her desire to become pregnant. Ms. Nhan Vlog shared that the two have reconciled a long time ago, and she is very grateful to Dr. Thinh for his help.

Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her - Photo 7

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