Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy

Thiên DiFeb 24, 2024 at 15:48

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In recent days, a series of scandals related to Miss Universe have caused the reputation of the most attractive and prestigious beauty contest on the planet to decline. Recently, a series of shocking information in a closed meeting was leaked, causing even more controversy.

On February 23, many international beauty forums posted a video recording a private meeting between Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip - owner of Miss Universe and the contest's team. In the clip, Ms. Anne affirmed that the Miss Universe contest will have no age limit, allowing transgender women, married women, and children to participate, but will not let these people win.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 1

Ms. Anne also affirmed that their participation in the contest was only to increase audience reach and business. After 71 years of existence and development, Miss Universe only focuses on the competition and now Ms. Anne plans to do more business on this platform.

In addition, the transgender female billionaire also intends to organize the Miss Universe contest in the form of reality television to attract audiences through dramas, while integrating advertising and sales of goods.

After being leaked, the video caused a stir on beauty forums. Many viewers criticized Ms. Anne and the Miss Universe organizers.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 2

The audience believes that if the competition has opened up opportunities for new subjects, it must be truly fair, everyone must have an equal opportunity to compete. Ms. Anne was also criticized for profiting from people with special circumstances such as married women, children and transgender people.

Miss Universe 2022 is one of the beauty competitions with the strongest heat for the public at that time. Miss Universe 2022 will be held in the US in January 2023 after a long delay. This year's contest is also the first year Miss Universe belongs to Thai billionaire - Anne Jakrajutatip with some changes in the way it is organized and announced the a.ward.

Also in 2022, the Miss Universe organizing committee announced that it would allow married women with children to compete. After that, the organizers continued to remove the age limit for competing, and at the same time allowed transgender people to compete.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 3

This regulation is still controversial. Soon after, many national competitions also relaxed their rules to welcome older contestants, married women with children, and even transgender people.

At that time, many people were happy, thinking that the competition was more open. Now, the audience expressed disappointment after learning that this was actually just a ploy by Anne to gain attention for profit.

A part of the audience analyzed the incident and said that it was because of Ms. Anne's commercialization orientation for profit that made the old leadership team dissatisfied and quit their jobs en masse.

The fact that Ms. Paula Shugart - former President of Miss Universe - announced a lawsuit against transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe's owner is still attracting public attention. The reason Ms. Paula sued Ms. Anne is because the transgender billionaire accused her of receiving bribes and abusing her power during her years running the contest.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 4

Ms. Paula resigned as Miss Universe President after the Miss Universe 2023 national costume competition on November 17, 2023. Ms. Paula said that after her resignation, she sought to stay away from attention, decided not to comment on any changes in the Miss Universe organization and quietly helped when asked by the organizers for support. thanks to the experience of running the contest over many years.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 5

Following Ms. Paula, many senior staff members of Miss Universe also resigned. On February 8, beauty pages simultaneously reported that Ms. Amy Emmerich - CEO of Miss Universe had submitted her resignation letter. Previously, Ms. Esther Swan - who had been associated with the Miss Universe organization through the position of Talent Director for nearly 2 decades also resigned.

Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy - Photo 6

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