Angelababy "flew color" all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans

SnowOct 09, 2023 at 10:06

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Angelababy was one of the artists who was supposed to be at the adult nightclub supporting Lisa's performance. Instead of clarifying the noise, the actress continued to make moves that outraged the Chinese online community.

Up to now, 1 week has passed since the rumors surfaced, Angelababy's side has not officially voiced the question of going to C.razy Horse Paris Club (France) to watch the youngest BLACKPINK dance t.escape. Unable to clarify the issue, Xiao Hua also took actions that made the people wave.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 1

Specifically, some CNETs have just discovered that ex-wife Huynh Xiaoming has deleted all comments related to the Lisa concert noise below the posts on her personal Weibo.

"Is it beautiful to dance t.t.y."; "Why are you so thoughtless, go see what C.razy Horse does?" ... are all given clean "flying colors" by Angelababy's side. Instead, there were comments praising the beautiful g.irl. It was this move that once again fanned the wrath of the online community.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 2

Many people believe that the deletion of the comment proves that Angelababy's side is fully aware of the public's attitude towards the scandal, but the actress has been slow to give a satisfactory response. Whatever the cause, this action is still difficult for the public to accept.

Not to mention, Angelababy did not speak at all, the more Chinese netizens scrutinized. They even found every little detail in questionable clips to prove that actress Van Trung Ca really set foot in the iconic club of Paris, France.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 3

Accompanied by a wave of outrage, netizens decided to make things difficult with his ex-wife Huynh Xiaoming to the end. Typically, recently, netizens have frankly accused the actress of spending m.oney to buy hotsearch, praising the beauty when "swinging BLACKPINK's concert" last May.

Some commented that Angelababy's visit to Lisa's show violated article 4 of the 15 prohibitions of Guangdian (China's National Broadcasting Promotion Administration), which prohibits artists from organizing, participating in and promoting activities related to the hill, K.Pornography, g.ambling,...

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 4

Moreover, according to Chinese media, performing at a Paris nightclub is considered a more advanced type of "s.ex show", similar to that in Thailand. C.razy Horse once demonstrated that the original purpose of the show was to commercialize the female b.ody, an act that many considered inconsistent with values and aesthetics.

The reason why public opinion in the country of billions of people criticizes his ex-wife Huynh Xiao Minh and other artists is for not preserving their image and not facing controversy directly. They believe that artists should lead by example, guiding young people to build the right values.

These alone are reason enough to seal Angelababy off long-term. Besides, many viewers also expressed their opinion that because Xiao Hua acted too badly, if she was close to her, she would not regret any work.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 5

However, there are also people who think that the decision to remain silent is the wisest thing Angelababy can do right now. Because if she confirms that she has come to C.razy Horse, she will really violate the rules and face Guangdien's punishment.

Once denied, the relevant evidence will make ex-wife Huynh Xiao Minh a cheater in the eyes of the audience. Although she currently faces many criticisms of the online community, after some time the incident will subside, she still has the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 6

Not only Angelababy but also other Cbiz artists such as Zhang Jiayi, Bai Loc, and Sun Shen Thuan were also caught up in the spiral of Lisa show controversy. According to Sina, many of the TV shows and films they participated in have been severely affected by audience opposition. CCTV has removed Angelababy's video and TV programmes are considering banning her.

On Weibo, bloggers also said that Angelababy did not record for the show "Keep Running" on October 12 and that the show could not announce the cast because of the actress's scandal. In light of the aforementioned details, many netizens predicted that Xiao Hua would face the risk of being sealed underground in the near future.

Angelababy flew color all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans - Photo 7

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