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Lisa (BLACKPINK) continues to make idols crushed by Chinese netizens, fans are still optimistic for this reason!

Tuyết Ngọc10:08:32 07/12/2023
The news that BLACKPINK re-signed with the agency is great news for the fan community of the popular group. However, the attitude of the people of the country towards Lisa is not very positive.

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Angelababy plans to return to showbiz after the noise. Even though she is banned from broadcasting, she is still prosperous thanks to her huge assets

Nguyễn Tuyết15:37:48 20/11/2023
Angelababy is in a period of career crisis because of controversy related to Lisa's (BLACKPINK) show. The little flower g.irl is said to be doing everything possible to save the situation.

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Angelababy "ignored" Huynh Hieu Minh after the m.urder and suddenly appeared this way!

Tuyết Ngọc11:06:32 16/11/2023
Since being m.urdered by the authorities in her hometown, this is the first time Angelababy has appeared; The latest photo series of the 8X flower g.irl is receiving special attention from the public.

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Angelababy "faced trouble" again because of the Lisa show, went downhill to the point of selling her house, and Duong Tu sat without taking advantage of the benefits.

Snow19:08:42 12/11/2023
Although Angelababy is banned from social networks, it seems that her fate still exists. The proof is that the poster in the shopping center of Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife was recently removed.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) was "kicked out" of the group because of past mistakes, is YG clearly discriminating?

Snow14:51:02 12/11/2023
At the present time, the youngest member of BLACKPINK is facing a lot of criticism from netizens and fans, since accepting the invitation to perform at C.razy Horse Paris Club.

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Billionaire boyfriend reveals the reason for abandoning Lisa (BLACKPINK), the idol goddess after "blockade" attracts attention

Hoa Tuyết07:05:45 06/11/2023
Since the news of Lisa's Chinese lockdown spread, every move of the idol and the person involved has become the focus, attracting the attention of the public; Billionaire Frédéric Arnault is no exception.

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Zhang Jiayi officially spoke out about the noise of the Lisa show, accepting the penalty of "banning the air" for 1 year

Hướng Dương07:08:17 04/11/2023
Zhang Jiayi is suffering heavy consequences related to the act of going to see Lisa (BLACKPINK) o.ff her flesh in France. Silent for a month, she finally spoke.

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Angelababy has to beg to attend the event, revealing the time limit for the disgruntled lockdown

Tuyết Ngọc21:36:28 03/11/2023
Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi is embroiled in the biggest scandal ever, the risk of losing her career just because she went to Lisa's (BLACKPINK) concert at C.razy Horse Club Paris.

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YG ignores Lisa's "lockdown" revealing their relationship, BLACKPINK member makes a move to attract attention

Bình Minh09:46:37 03/11/2023
Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé simultaneously make a move when Lisa is suspected of being locked down in China. In the midst of boiling oil, BLACKPINK suddenly submitted a Grammy nomination, causing people to stir.

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Cheng Yi was tragically harmed by Zhang Jiayi, Angelababy contributed to destroying the career of 2 Cbiz beauties

Bình Minh07:03:14 03/11/2023
From the fact that Angelababy - Zhang Jianyi was banned, not only the careers of the 2 little flowers were affected, but Cheng Yi, Tong Weilong and Wang Anyu were all implicated.

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The g.irl who looks like Lisa is implicated in the original and is in danger of "disappearing" from China because of one action

Nguyễn Tuyết14:34:09 19/10/2023
The beauty born in 2000 is said to be 99% similar to singer Lisa, suddenly becoming the next victim of a wave of public boycott, because of actions related to the youngest member BLACKPINK.

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Angelababy was disadvantaged by BLACKPINK fans amid the noise of Lisa's show, accidentally revealing the secret of "heavenly movement"

Tuyết Ngọc08:01:56 10/10/2023
Unexpectedly, the more Angelababy deliberately remained silent, causing the public to be outraged and looking for all the evidence, proving that she had come to see Lisa's show at the C.razy Horse Paris nightclub.

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Angelababy "flew color" all comments related to the Lisa show, publicly confronting fans

Snow10:06:21 09/10/2023
Angelababy was one of the artists who was supposed to be at the adult nightclub supporting Lisa's performance. Instead of clarifying the noise, the actress continued to make moves that outraged the Chinese online community.

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Jennie "escaped" BLACKPINK's most hated life, giving up her position to Lisa to win the hearts of fans

Bình Minh13:10:21 08/10/2023
After the show at the C.razy Horse Paris nightclub, the youngest BLACKPINK brother is now a member with a high anti-fan base no less than the leader. Even longtime fans turned their backs on her.

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Luo Zhixiang had to "heat rub" Lisa to salvage his reputation, and he was determined not to tolerate it

Nguyễn Tuyết12:48:44 08/10/2023
At the peak of his career, Luo Zhixiang suddenly dropped the radio because of a series of unacceptable scandals. Up to now, the most scandalous Liang Son Ba on the screen is f.orced to make a joke to attract the attention of the audience.

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Kylie Jenner is full of billions and still helplessly watching Lisa lose the title of "Beauty Magnate"

Snow17:56:58 06/10/2023
Mother of 2 Kylie Jenner is known as having a beautiful face and an admirably charming hourglass b.ody, but is still surpassed easily by the youngest BLACKPINK sister.

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Netizens criticized Jennie's outfit and even dragged Lisa into it, openly challenging BLINK

Snow14:32:44 05/10/2023
Despite receiving many compliments for her radiant beauty during her appearance at the recent Chanel show, Jennie's short outfit caused fierce controversy in the online community.

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Angelababy continues to be "stoned" because of the noise of the Lisa show, the plot to psychologically manipulate the fans failed

Snow07:45:21 05/10/2023
Information about Angelababy's lockdown on all fronts because of Lisa's show noise has been circulating for some time. Up to now, the ex-wife Huynh Xiao Minh's side has suddenly made a related move to attract attention.

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Lisa revealed the question of "slashing" Rosé after the show in France, the eldest BLACKPINK sister quietly set a new record

Nguyễn Tuyết07:59:13 04/10/2023
The noise of discord with Jennie has not cooled down, the youngest BLACKPINK brother continues to be seen expressing his attitude when he sees Rosé's photo. This led netizens to speculate that Black Xiang would disband sooner or later.

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Zhang Jiayi "suffered" with Angelababy because watching Lisa act, running out of opportunities to "fly"

Hoa Tuyết17:42:34 03/10/2023
They went to see Lisa perform in France, but Zhang Jiayi healed less badly than Angelababy. Because she is not only here, but the image also appears on the club's social media account.

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Angelababy was officially punished for "demanding" to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it?

Bình Minh07:43:01 02/10/2023
As one of the famous female stars in the 85th generation, Angelababy made the public regretful when she was completely banned for going to a nightclub to o.ff her skin - where member Hac Huong performed.

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Jennie reluctantly came to watch Lisa's final performance, revealing her alarming health condition

Nguyễn Tuyết19:30:42 01/10/2023
In recent days, Lisa's (BLACKPINK) concert at C.razy Horse has always been a h.ot topic of special interest to the public. Recently, netizens were excited again because of Jennie's appearance at a nightclub.

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Rosé "dragged" Jisoo to watch Lisa o.ff her skin at a famous pub, the eldest sister's reaction attracted attention

Hướng Dương13:39:42 29/09/2023
After Paris Fashion Week, the Australian rose and the eldest sister BLACKPINK stayed in France to support Lisa's private activities. According to Sina, the ticket price to enjoy this show is up to 54 thousand USD (more than 1.3 billion VND).

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