Angelababy was officially punished for "demanding" to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it?

Bình MinhOct 02, 2023 at 07:43

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As one of the famous female stars in the 85th generation, Angelababy made the public regretful when she was completely banned for going to a nightclub to "show off her skin" - where member Hac Huong performed.

Remember not long ago, netizens were shocked when they heard that Lisa accepted an invitation to perform at the C.razy Horse club in Paris (France). This decision of the female idol born in 1997 caused her to receive a lot of criticism from fans, including the fan community in China.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 1

Even a "billionaire" (the leader and voice in Lisa's fan community) in the country of billions of people also announced to stop supporting and delete all posts related to the youngest sister Hac Huong. The incident was pushed to a c.limax when people saw Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe appearing at singer Lalisa's show.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 2

Immediately, the act of supporting Lisa to "show off her skin" caused Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife to face countless troubles. Accordingly, Chinese netizens are fiercely demanding to boycott the little flower g.irl on all social networking forums.

Not only that, some Douban groups have submitted an application to the administrator proposing to ban posting articles that say good things about Angelababy, while disparaging articles can still appear. Even the big fan of the little flower g.irl 85 had to speak up: "Before, I always said: Don't scold her, just scold the fans. Now I just want to say, scold her, don't touch me anymore."

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 3

In addition, netizens also flooded the post announcing Angelababy in a TV show to request her to be banned from broadcasting; because I don't want to see a star with reprehensible actions appear on screen.

Angelababy's past scandals were also recalled when the flower g.irl appeared at a nightclub in Paris. A typical example is the fact that actress Tran Duyen once shared sensitive photos, circumventing the law to go to BLACKPINK's concert while Korean artists' performances are banned in China.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 4

At that time, a part of fans criticized Angelababy for being "a foreigner". Many people are still harsh: "Supporting idols is a personal preference, but don't forget that you are a celebrity in China. It's embarrassing for a Chinese star to go to a concert of a Korean group until 2 time".

Amid the "wave" of criticism of Angelababy, the audience discovered that China Central Television had deleted the little flower g.irl's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala video. And they believe that many other television stations will sooner or later ban her from broadcasting because of this action.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 5

However, there were also some people who spoke out in support of the little flower g.irl 85 and they thought that the sentence to k.ill her was too harsh. Because Angelababy's actions didn't actually affect anyone, she only came to watch by invitation.

It can be seen that just because she came to see BLACKPINK's youngest member's show, Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife had to receive the "sentence" of being completely boycotted. Many fans expressed concern that Angelababy's upcoming film projects will be at risk of being "put on hold" for a long time.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 6

Even though she is often criticized for her poor acting, Angelababy still attracts fans because of her beautiful beauty. So being asked for a complete boycott by the public this time is probably the biggest scandal in the little flower g.irl's career to date.

It is known that Angelababy had a marriage that many people admired with actor Huynh Hieu Minh. The couple dated for nearly 3 years before officially moving in together in 2015. This is also the time when the actress's career blossomed. Major film projects all have the participation of the "German hybrid rose". In addition, she is also the representative face of major brands.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 7

However, in early 2022, Angelababy and Huynh Hieu Minh suddenly confirmed their divorce after nearly 3 years of living together with a series of rumors. However, the two affirmed that they broke up peacefully and always considered each other as relatives and tried to raise their son together.

Surprisingly, as soon as the divorce information was widely announced, Huynh Hieu Minh and Angelababy immediately showed signs of "cutting off" their relationship. Both deleted all images and information related to the other on their personal pages.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 8

The 7x actor also quickly withdrew shares from companies related to his ex-wife. This makes netizens believe that they are implicitly confirming their independence in life, work relationships, and financial matters.

Angelababy was officially punished for demanding to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it? - Photo 9

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