Angelababy Is Banned From Broadcasting

Topic: Angelababy Is Banned From Broadcasting

Angelababy plans to return to showbiz after the noise. Even though she is banned from broadcasting, she is still prosperous thanks to her huge assets

Nguyễn Tuyết15:37:48 20/11/2023
Angelababy is in a period of career crisis because of controversy related to Lisa's (BLACKPINK) show. The little flower g.irl is said to be doing everything possible to save the situation.

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Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being "banned"

Bình Minh08:03:05 15/11/2023
People discovered that Angelababy was not on the list of Running Brothers players in the latest season. Even more surprising is that her staff left her and the super luxury villa had to be sold.

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Angelababy's condition was revealed to be bad and difficult to save after Lisa's "riot" noise.

Nắng11:03:23 08/11/2023
Recently, Angelababy's career was dealt an unprecedented blow because she went to see a performance at the C.razy Horse nightclub in France. Angelababy's social network account was banned from speaking and she became the center of controversy.

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Angelababy was officially punished for "demanding" to see Lisa dance in France, is it worth it?

Bình Minh07:43:01 02/10/2023
As one of the famous female stars in the 85th generation, Angelababy made the public regretful when she was completely banned for going to a nightclub to o.ff her skin - where member Hac Huong performed.

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