Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love?

NắngSep 30, 2022 at 14:30

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Recently, Sohu reported that Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming were recently caught up in rumors of a reunion. Actress Co Phuong is said to be quietly monitoring her ex-husband's activities on social networks.

Before this question, fans Angelababy denied. They said the evidence that the 1989 beauty still has feelings for Huynh Xiaoming is spreading on social networks, there were 2 years ago.

According to Sohu, Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming behave politely and respect each other after the divorce. They avoid mentioning their private lives related to each other in the media. However, in real life, Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming show an unfriendly relationship.

The two have never once met privately or took their children out together after breaking up. According to Ifeng, every time Angelababy wanted to meet her c.hild, the actress' mother, The Condor Heroes, brought her. This makes the audience worry about the development of b.aby Tieu Hai Mien.

Before that, right after officially completing the divorce procedure, the artist couple unfollowed each other on social networks. They removed all posts and images related to each other. Even the keyword about son Tieu Hai Mien was completely deleted by the star couple on his personal page.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 1

This move shows that Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming both definitely c.ut o.ff their emotional relationship, even do not want to be friends with the other after breaking up.

"Marriage is a happy grave" may sound very one-sided at first, but it is undeniable that this statement reflects the reality of many people's life after marriage, and the Chinese entertainment industry is no exception. Couples Duong Mich - Luu Khai Uy, Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong, Dong Le A - Tran Tu Thanh, etc., although they all had time to love passionately and then get married, in the end there was no one. go after getting married.

And one of the other couples who is said to be the most beautiful on the Chinese screen: Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy with a "sweet to tooth decay" love story, still can't escape the "marriage curse" after more than 7 years together. one house. After the divorce, the two people's story is still the topic of discussion of many people, especially issues related to property and children.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 2

Although they knew earlier about the unsustainable marriage of the "cardinal" Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy, after both announced their divorce in early 2022, many people could not help but be "stunned".

Although they are no longer husband and wife, the couple Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming still consider each other family members, raising their common son Little Sponge. Before the official confirmation of the divorce, the couple had to face a lot of marriage rumors for nearly 3 years.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 3

However, with the divorce decision of Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming, it shocked the media and public opinion in Asia because in the past, they were considered one of the pairs of fairies and pearls of the Chinese screen. After the divorce, both refused to comment on the relationship, living in peace, focusing on working, enjoying the single life.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 4

Not long ago, Angelababy in a program, the beauty revealed that she herself was under a lot of pressure and could not afford to buy an apartment in Shanghai. Angelababy's share has made quite a few netizens dumbfounded as well as constantly mocking and mocking her.

In addition, some fans have reported the two's assets after marriage, all the m.oney Huynh Xiaoming earned in those years belonged to the property after marriage, plus investment projects. Fourth, in total, Angelababy can receive at least 2.5 billion after the divorce.

And before the divorce, Angelababy also revealed to the media that her salary is currently at 80 million yuan (more than 270 billion) for a project. According to Angelababy's share, that means her accumulated m.oney during her years of making art must be up to several billion.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 5

Possessing such a huge fortune, Angelababy is embarrassed to say that she can't afford to buy a house in Shanghai in the press, making many viewers laugh, when there are still people taking care of her life.

After the divorce, Angelababy's career almost stood still. She does not appear with dense frequency at events or fashion magazines. Projects with Angelababy's participation have not been released or have created a highlight.

As for Huynh Xiaoming, his career went up a notch after the divorce. Huynh Xiaoming continuously participated in a series of TV shows and film projects.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 6

With the opposite career, many people suspect that Angelababy wants to divorce Huynh Xiaoming because she is impulsive.

Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy revealed evidence of reunion, divorce just because his wife was shallow, actually still in love? - Photo 7

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