Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver

Hoàng PhúcDec 02, 2021 at 11:39

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W.inning runner-up, Chung Le De's daughter will join the Chinese-language entertainment industry?

On December 2, Chinese media reported that Chung Le De's daughter, Truong Man Quan (Yasmine) won the first runner-up position in the Miss China Vancouver 2021 contest, held in Canada.

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 1

Truong Man Quan is 23 years old this year, possessing a charming hybrid beauty that is not inferior to her mother. Among the daughters, she is commented to be the most similar to Chung Le De when she has sharp five senses and a bright smile.

Yasmine's participation in the beauty pageant in Canada received attention from the public as well as the Hong Kong media.

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 2

Chung Le De said that she was very supportive of her eldest daughter following in her footsteps and shared that Yasmine likes to act in movies, but her daughter's strong and independent personality should not "take action" to pave the way. everything happens naturally.

Previously, when her daughter entered the top 8, Chung Le De also expressed her joy and wished her daughter. The runner-up expressed that she used to have low self-esteem because of her tanned skin and chubby appearance. But after participating in the contest, she changed her perception and felt more loving herself. She also made efforts to lose weight to help herself become more confident and healthy.

The fact that Truong Man Quan attended a beauty contest showed that she had the same desire to join the entertainment industry as her mother. Maybe in the near future, the beauty will return to China to start her acting career.

Chung Le De is one of the famous actresses of Hong Kong cinema. Not only recognized by her acting talent, this beauty born in 1970 is also known for her beautiful and s.exy beauty when she has been crowned many times in beauty contests. She was also voted by readers of FHM Singapore magazine as the Sexiest Woman in Asia. The outstanding works of the actress include Thien Long Bat Bo 2003, Legend of the Mermaid...

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 3

Moreover, because she often plays seductive roles, she is also called by the nickname "sex bomb". But few people know, Chung Le De is a rare beauty of Vietnamese origin who has become famous in world cinema. Chung Le De is currently living a happy life with her third husband, 12 years younger than her, Truong Luan Thac.

Currently, at the age of 51, Chung Le De is the mother of 3 daughters. It is worth noting that not inferior to the famous mother, Chung Le De's daughters are also highly appreciated in terms of beauty. Especially the eldest daughter Yasmine Ross (Truong Man Quan). Truong Man Quan was born in 1998 as a result of the marriage between the actress and her first husband - a Belgian hotel manager named Glen Ross.

Truong Man Quan is considered to have a harmonious beauty, mixing the mystery and gentleness of the East with the liberal and healthy of the West. In the photos she posted on her personal page, many people rated her as s.exy and s.exy as her mother. And if she enters showbiz, she will definitely make a "story" with this beauty and artistic talent.

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 4

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 5

Yasmine's parents divorced when she was only 2 years old. Yasmine was brought back to China by his mother. Yasmine started studying in Canada at the age of 18. Many people commented that Yasmine possesses a healthy, energetic beauty just like her famous mother.

Not following the artistic path, however, Chung Le De's eldest daughter is still a young face attracting attention on social networks. Chung Le De's daughter also developed a personal Youtube channel to share about life in Canada and attract many followers. She also covered many famous English songs and posted them on her personal page.

Daughter Chung Le De won runner-up Miss China Vancouver - Photo 6

Although she is the daughter of a famous beauty, Yasmine rarely appears in public with her mother. She focuses on her studies and pursuing her personal interests. However, fans believe that, if he joins the entertainment industry, Yasmine will be as famous as his biological mother.

In November 2019, Yasmine was introduced to the family by her boyfriend and the relationship between the two was supported by the family. Yasmine completed her bachelor's degree at Indian School of Business - one of the most prestigious universities in the world besides Harvard, Stanford.

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