Which "big man" is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses?

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In the Chinese-language entertainment world, many young stars with little acting experience are promoted and carried by the platform. These stars are called "princesses, crown princes" of Cbiz. QQ believes that these young stars are favored, so their careers are more favorable.

Chen Zheyuan - Crown Prince of IQIYI

In the current Cbiz star cast, although Tran Trieu Vien does not have too high traffic and fame, but looking at the series of resources the actor has received since his departure until now, especially after the fever "Can't Hide", stands out from many other male colleagues.

With a young actor with little experience, Chen Zheyuan was able to get the male lead role (one session) in IQIYI's Dark Night and Dawn , "surpassing" even Chen Yuan. Chen Zheyuan's debut film " The Secret Fruit " is also a production of IQIYI.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 1

Notably, during the recent IQIYI Screaming Night 2023, IQIYI CEO personally enthusiastically introduced Chen Zheyuan to the most powerful and vocal director in Cbiz - Feng Xiaogang. Through the actions of this Director, it is further proved how much favor the star of " Can't Hide " is receiving high favor.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 2

Zhao Luotu - Princess Tencent

Up to now, Zhao Lu Tu has officially become the only global representative of Tencent Video, replacing Xiao Chien, Yang Mi, Li Heatbo, and Yang Yang.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 3

Originally known as the "Princess of Tencent", Zhao Luotu owns a huge amount of films from the largest platform on the Chinese screen such as The Divine Eater, Oh! My Majesty's Emperor, Chen Tiantian, in rumors, Love you from the stomach...

To pave the way for the beauty born in 1998, Tencent Video gave her a supporting role in the big historical project Chang Song. After that, Zhao Luotu was noted for her cute, lovely appearance and more natural acting than Zhu Li Heatbo, the heroine of the film.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 4

Next, Zhao was cast with China's hottest 9X actor Yang Yang in the project "Drop Thien Xia", also produced by Tencent Video. The most successful film of her career was The Bright Spirit of Han, starring with the most famous c.hild male star Wu Lei also of this platform.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 5

It can be said that the film resources she receives make little flowers of the same age desire. Under Tencent's promotion, Zhao Luotu is now the most famous post-1995 miniature.

Zhang Jingyi - Princess Dongfu

Zhang Jingyi, born in 1999, is considered the best developed 9X flower today. In 2017, she passed the Beijing Film Academy entrance exam and was one of the most beautiful contestants of the Academy in 2017.

In 2018, Truong Tinh Nghi signed a contract with the management company Dong Than Vi Lai co-founded by Tran Wisdom and Chau Tan. Since then, Truong Jingyi has been supported by two of Cbiz's most famous veteran artists.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 6

Right from his debut work, Zhang Jingyi played the main role. Chau Xun also brought Zhang Jingyi to participate in the show Towards Life 4 to help her get used to the audience. With the extensive relationship of Chau Tan, Tran Khôn, Truong Jingyi has no shortage of films and also participates in good quality projects. At the same time, many times, Zhang Jingyi also won the role from other actors thanks to his strong backing.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 7

Tran Fei Vu - Crown Prince of Cbiz

According to QQ, the young stars above can be partners with the platform or students, while Chen Feiyu has a higher status. He is the son of director Chen Kaike, his mother is Chen Hong, the first beauty of the Chinese screen, and is now a famous producer.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 8

Born into an art-making family, Tran Fei Vu was soon exposed to cinema. After entering the entertainment world, the male star born in 2000 also only starred. Chen Feiyu's parents were important figures in the Peking artist circle, hence Chen Feiyu was also known as the "Crown Prince of Cbiz".

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 9

Chen Feiyu's career path will be difficult because he leaked photos to fans in early 2023. For other stars, the scandal may cause them to take a long hiatus, or their careers directly downhill. But Chen Feiyu only rested for a short time. Currently, the actor is trying to regain the hearts of the audience.

Which big man is Zhao Lu Tu and the cast of Cbiz crown princes and princesses? - Photo 10

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