aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them

An NhiJan 09, 2022 at 12:52

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Overcoming many seniors, SM's "pet chicken" - aespa has achieved a title that many people admire.

The 36th Golden Disc Awards ceremony took place on the afternoon of January 8 with the participation of popular artists including IU, Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Stray Kids, OH MY G.IRL, TXT, aespa, ... With 2 hits "Next Level" and "Savage" causing a storm in the music industry in 2021, aespa was once again named for the title of Rookie Artist, proving their undefeated level compared to their debut competitors at the same time.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 1

In particular, thanks to the rookie a.ward at this GDA, aespa has officially gathered all 5 victories for the Rookie Grand Slam title - an extremely difficult achievement to conquer even for the most veteran idols.

It is known that to be awarded the title of Rookie Grand Slam, an artist needs to win all rookie awards at the 5 most prestigious awards ceremonies in Korea: Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), MelOn Music Awards (MMA). , Golden Disc Awards (GDA), Seoul Music Awards (SMA) and Gaon Chart Music Awards (GCMA).

Before aespa got their hands on this title, only SHINee, iKON, Wanna One, TXT and ITZY were once called Rookie Grand Slam in the Korean music industry. Specifically, SHINee is the only idol group in Gen 2, iKON and Wanna One are the only two names in Gen 3, and TXT and ITZY are the "ever-only" duo of Gen 4.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 2

Although currently having achieved "unprecedented" achievements, BTS - BLACKPINK - TWICE could not conquer this challenge in their days as "newbies". BTS and BLACKPINK came close with 4/5 wins. Meanwhile, TWICE only owns 2 out of 5 rookie awards.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 3

It can be said that aespa has taken the first steps in a more favorable and glorious career than his seniors and seniors. With the title of Rookie Grand Slam, the group also set a record as the first female artist under SM to conquer the challenge. Even the "national g.irl group" SNSD and senior Red Velvet also suffered defeat before the set of 5 Grand Slams.

In addition, aespa is the only group debuting in 2020 to achieve this achievement, also the 2nd g.irl group in history after ITZY to be recognized as the Rookie Grand Slam of Kpop. Particularly in the 4th generation idol world, aespa is the 3rd idol group after TXT and ITZY to "break the island" to get the title "harder than Daesang".

After a successful comeback with S.avage, many netizens think that despite their young age, aespa has deservedly entered the ranks of the top g.irl groups of Kpop.

Breaking the digital music scene: The first 4th gen Kpop g.irl group to get the All K.ill achievement

For Kpop idols, one of the key factors to affirm their strength is their achievements on Korean digital music charts. We all know that not all veteran K-pop idols can easily conquer digital music in Korea, let alone young rookies. However, aespa soon did that with their second single, Next Level.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 4

The song "Next Level" after its release received mixed reactions, but then it suddenly became a trend and even reached No.1 on Melon 24 Hits chart - a time when this chart was still there. still retains the old rule with a more difficult calculation than the current Melon Top 100 chart. With the achievement of Next Level at that time, aespa became the first 4th gen Kpop group and the first SM group to reach No.1 on Melon 24 Hits chart.

Not stopping there, despite its long release, Next Level has never left the top of the Melon chart. Next Level's digital achievement is undisputed, but even the group's new song S.avage does something more remarkable. This song was released on October 5 and within the first hour, this song debuted at No.1 on Bugs and Genie charts. This is the best achievement of a Kpop idol song right after the first hour of release.

S.avage recorded 356,123 unique listeners in the first 24 hours on Melon. This is the second highest achievement of a K-pop g.irl group in 2021.

Huge album sales

A K-pop group will be considered successful when, whether it's digital music or their album sales, they have recorded remarkable achievements. And even though it hasn't been long since their debut, aespa has done this very well, even in album sales, which is often the weak point of many other rookie K-pop g.irl groups.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 5

Accordingly, the number of pre-orders for the first mini-album S.avage in aespa's career has exceeded 400,000 copies. With this number, aespa has become the Kpop g.irl group with the highest number of debut album pre-orders in history, and is approaching the highest sales milestones for a Kpop debut album. In just a few hours, S.avage album will become the best-selling debut album of a K-pop g.irl group, surpassing BLACKPINK's SQUARE UP album (196,335 copies).

All these achievements are considered a desirable starting point for every rookie. Just over a year after debuting, aespa has quickly set up so many records, netizens unanimously believe that the group's career will be even more brilliant in the future.

aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them - Photo 6

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