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Arin: Oh My G.irl's youngest sister was chubby in the past and was once "prey" by the media

Gia Nhi14:13:17 15/05/2024
Arin's real name is Choi Ye Won, born June 18, 1999, is a Korean female singer, dancer and TV presenter, a member of the g.irl group Oh My G.irl and the subgroup Oh My G.irl Banhana. founded and managed by WM Entertainment.

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Taeyeon (SNSD) did this for the first time after 15 years of debut, deserves the title of queen but has one regret?

Duyên Trần18:42:39 19/02/2022
The 3rd full album in Taeyeon's career - INVU and the title song of the same name are "storming" Korean digital music charts, bringing the female idol many glorious solo achievements. On February 17, Taeyeon brought her "beautiful to faint" visual on the stage of M! Countdown...

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Ryujin (ITZY), Jungyeon (TWICE) and the billions of thousands of people who are c.razy about Kpop

Duyên Trần19:11:14 20/01/2022
In Kpop, female idols mostly follow a cute and feminine image. However, there are female idols who possess an immense "marshal" temperament, a standard girlcrush charisma. These girls are not in the style of "banh beo", feminine, but on the contrary, make the fangirl series...

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BLACKPINK has never been No.1, TWICE won for 4 years in a row and still succumbed to this female idol's popularity!

Hoàng Phúc07:26:38 20/01/2022
BLACKPINK sweeps Asia but still lags TWICE at home. However, the female idol who "rules" Korea is a different name! In the Kpop music industry, every year there are many g.irl groups from all kinds of companies, big and small. Korean audiences are very fond of female idols, but...

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aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them

An Nhi12:52:04 09/01/2022
Overcoming many seniors, SM's "pet chicken" - aespa has achieved a title that many people admire. The 36th Golden Disc Awards ceremony took place on the afternoon of January 8 with the participation of popular artists including IU, Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Stray Kids, OH...

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BLACKPINK slipped in the top 3, IU "chased" BTS to compete for No.1 in the top most popular Korean YouTube artists in 2021

An Nhi16:44:22 29/12/2021
A year without a comeback, BLACKPINK dropped in many charts in turn, while the "eternal rival" BTS still leisurely kept the throne. Although many Kpop idols are very famous in foreign markets, in the land of kimchi they "flop" much more and vice versa, in Korea, many artists are...

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