The first 5 "talents" of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed

Vân AnhApr 09, 2024 at 14:23

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Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns 2024 has officially announced the first 5 Talents. Artists include singer Bang Kieu, singer Thanh Duy, singer Trong Hieu (TRONG), actor BB Tran and photographer Thien Minh.

The most prominent among the list of 5 male artists is Bang Kieu. Earlier, backstage at an event, he confided in Le Quyen that he was invited by the program crew, but did not know if he could arrange a time to participate.

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 1

Bang Qiao is expected to be one of the "big brothers" in the first season of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns. Thanks to his soaring voice, storytelling, and inspirational whispering, the audience expects that the singer will have breakthroughs in choreography and rapping,... like the divas My Linh, Hong Nhung or Thu Phuong and Le Quyen once broke through in Sister Beautiful Stepping on the Wind and Turning the Wave.

Sharing about herself in the present, Bang Kieu wishes to create many interesting things for the public through each meeting. He is not afraid to try his hand at young, modern songs.

Along with Bang Kieu, photographer Thien Minh also participated in the show "Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns". He is known to the audience of the 8X and 9X generations as an advertising model, singer, actor, VJ... Thien Minh was also one of the "first H.ot boys", a familiar face of teen newspaper covers when he became the winner of the contest "Flower Pupil Icon 2007" at the age of 17.

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 2

After a period of artistic activity, Thien Minh unexpectedly chose to study abroad. After that, he returned to artistic activity as a photographer and pursued the style of black and white portrait photography.

An equally noted name is BB Tran. He is a talented actor, model and frequent guest of the hit gameshow series. Charmed with art since 2009 when taking on the role of Leader of the famous comedy group BB&BG, BB Tran is the person behind a series of "storming" clips on social networks such as: He Didn't Ask for Gifts, The Little Matchmaker, Schoolboy Love,...

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 3

After 7 years of group activities, BB Tran gradually turned to independent activities and received support from a large audience through the web dramas "Twin Sisters", "The Cuc Cattle Family" ,.. and the million-view Parody MVs: "Let Me Tell You", "Love Charm", "Ever Get Married?", "Swinging Away",...

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 4

Two names coming out of Vietnam Idol - Vietnamese music idols also surprised many people when participating in Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns : Thanh Duy (runner-up in 2008) and Trong Hieu (winner in 2015). Both were highly regarded for their vocals, songwriting skills, choreography, and stage mastery.

Thanh Duy is a talented artist, known for many hits such as Fault In Love, Hahaha, Sagittarius Heart. Not only successful in the field of music, he also impressed with his dancing, acting and MC skills.

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 5

The multi-talented singer will join Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns 2024 because he wants to create more beautiful relationships in showbiz and express his personality in performances.

TRONG (Trong Hieu) is a colorful 'whirlwind' stirring up the Vietnamese music village with its unique music style, skillful choreography and attractive appearance. He is the Champion of Vietnam Idol 2015, possessing a powerful voice and impressive performance ability.

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 6

In particular, Trong Hieu has also changed his new stage name "TRONG" since joining Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns. TRONG's music is a harmonious combination of Pop, R&B, Funk, blending Vietnamese and international culture through a series of impressive songs such as: "My way", "More interesting than that", "Dare to be different", "I'm sorry babe" ,...

The reality TV show Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns 2024 (English name: Call Me By Fire Vietnam) is scheduled to be on VTV3 at 20h - 21h30 starting from June 2024.

The first 5 talents of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed - Photo 7

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