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Kha Ly is pregnant with an obsessive psychology because she has lost her c.hild, Thanh Duy's husband "forbids the door"

Trí Nhi14:47:52 06/06/2024
Actress Kha Ly has just announced the good news to fans when she is pregnant with her first c.hild with her husband Thanh Duy. After 8 years of painstaking looking for a c.hild, the two are now complete. Because it was quite difficult to get pregnant, Kha Ly said that she was very careful in everything.

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Kha Ly confirmed that she is 7 months pregnant and was emotional when sharing about her husband Thanh Duy

Minh Lợi16:24:05 18/05/2024
After many months of pregnancy rumors, at noon on May 18, actress Kha Ly officially confirmed that she was 7 months pregnant. She affirmed that this was a new age gift for her husband.

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Thien Minh went to America to serve pho, refused to return to showbiz, and now competes in the game show Anh Tai

Thảo Mai14:33:57 11/04/2024
Recently, the organizers announced the identities of the first characters participating in the program Brother Overcoming Thousands of Thorns 2024. Notably, Thien Minh's return made the public extremely excited.

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The first 5 "talents" of Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns were officially revealed

Vân Anh14:23:54 09/04/2024
Brother Overcoming a Thousand Thorns 2024 has officially announced the first 5 Talents. Artists include singer Bang Kieu, singer Thanh Duy, singer Trong Hieu (TRONG), actor BB Tran and photographer Thien Minh.

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Kha Ly suspected there was good news, welcoming a 'b.aby dragon' after 8 years of infertility, fans howled in congratulations

Đức Trí19:58:15 22/03/2024
Actors couple Kha Ly and Thanh Duy are making people excited with the news that they are suspected of having their first c.hild, after 8 years they both had a disease that made it difficult to have children. A series of evidence was presented, making everyone firmly affirm.

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Puka revealed that he had difficulties when he first started his career and was grateful to Kha Ly for an action that changed his entire career

Uyển Đình14:34:34 10/12/2023
After many years of working in the profession, Puka is now an actor loved by many audiences. However, when she first started her career, she also encountered many difficulties. But she was fortunate to receive guidance from many seniors, including Kha Ly.

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Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together?

Kiko13:41:43 18/05/2023
Returning extremely brilliantly with a series of movie awards and major TV shows, but Tran Thanh continues to be entangled in a drama with Vlogger JVevermind, it is worth mentioning that this is not the only person who has said "accused" of being bullied by Tran. Thanh...

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Tran Thanh is suspected of being "replaced" at Who is he, Duy Manh sarcastically, clearly stating the reason for "enemy" male MC?

Pipi15:32:23 30/04/2023
On the evening of April 29, the frame had the appearance of Chau Bui - Ngo Kien Huy - Bao Thy - Tieu Vy when recording for a viral program on MXH. From here, fans suspect that Tran Thanh continues to be "replaced" for one more program. In the photo, many people predict this is...

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Duy Manh defends Tran Thanh, uncovers the truth about the drama going to the bar, calling the peach, still "kha" the opponent 1 sentence

Nhất Diệp16:57:53 27/04/2023
Although the drama "brilliant halo" has not cooled down yet, recently Tran Thanh was suddenly accused by a user of borrowing nearly 190 million VND and not paying it back. As one of the fiercest opponents of Tran Thanh, recently Duy Manh surprised when he defended the director...

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Duy Manh wants to be a "godfather" after Tran Thanh celebrates his victory, Tuan Hung calls for help from his best friend

Chuột Nhỏ10:52:47 18/04/2023
In recent days, Tran Thanh's drama can be said to be the focus of criticism of many netizens. Although the owner has made a silent move, the online community does not want to ignore the male MC. Especially "singer" Duy Manh also constantly posted "ca khau". Accordingly, since...

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Tran Thanh revealed a shocking secret that made the audience "boo" to ban the wave, Duy Manh said a very "deep" sentence?

Pipi09:31:05 12/04/2023
From Tran Thanh's hundred billion income in the last two film projects, the secrets of the artist's income have also been revealed. Tran Thanh's noisy incident also caused the actor to receive many negative comments, the audience demanded a ban on the broadcast. Recently, the...

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Tran Thanh implicitly "harmed" Duy Manh lost everything, Luong Manh Hai joined the "sorry", saying a bitter sentence?

Kiko09:51:58 06/04/2023
Duy Manh recently received a bitter ending when he "lost everything" to his FB page with more than 600k followers after many days of posting "artist's life". Before the incident, the male singer voiced the reason why many people cheered on Tran Thanh. In recent days, Tran Thanh...

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Duy Manh met with a change, his personal page changed color, Tran Thanh immediately declared peace, fans wondered why

Krant15:26:34 04/04/2023
In recent days, the drama Duy Manh "khai" Tran Thanh is still the focus of attention of the online community. In the latest development, netizens were also in a flurry, when Duy Manh's personal page was "discolored", following the latest statements about Tran Thanh's "bright...

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Tran Thanh was "reminded" by his juniors about m.oney, r.evealing his past with Thuy Tien amidst the noisy "life of NS is difficult to swallow"?

Chi Chu13:19:16 03/04/2023
From an artist who is supported and loved by a large audience, Tran Thanh is currently being "turned away" by everyone when crying and speaking about the difficult life of an artist. Not only Tran Thanh, many of the male MC's friends and colleagues are also being called into the...

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Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho?

Chi Chu11:28:26 02/04/2023
Not only being criticized by the audience, Tran Thanh in the past few days has been constantly criticized by many colleagues for the incident of "crying because of the brilliant aura". Recently, the male MC made a move on his personal page that caused many people to talk about...

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Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink

Tiểu Yến Tử10:26:30 27/01/2023
Thanh Duy is known as a multi-talented artist when both acting well and singing well. Coming from a drama actor at the University of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, however, few people know that his path to success is not simple. Since childhood, Thanh Duy has raised his...

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Thanh Duy: From an English teacher to a multi-talented singer, declares "want to live 2 lives" both male and female

Hoàng Phúc16:04:35 03/09/2022
Thanh Duy (Thanh Duy idol) is one of the famous singers in Vietnam. He has a very strange voice and can handle all genres of music. After the Vietnam Idol 2008 contest, Thanh Duy emerged and appeared in many television programs. Giving up teaching to pursue art Perhaps many...

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Ly Hai worked as a seamstress, Binh Minh was a porter before he was famous, but he was not as "shocked" as Quyen Linh

Hoàng Phúc17:15:46 04/04/2022
Before being as famous as they are today, these Vietnamese stars used to work in non-art related professions. They are famous people in Vietnamese showbiz, but in the past, these singers - actors used to be players, barbers and other unexpected professions. Dam Vinh Hung -...

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Kha Ly "Gate of the Sun" was opposed by her family when she married Thanh Duy and the unexpected ending after 5 years

Như Ý17:47:28 03/12/2021
Kha Ly full name is Lai Thi Kha Ly, born in 1985. She is a famous singer, actress and MC of Vietnam. She is endowed with a pretty face with big eyes, dark black eyebrows, voluminous lashes and smooth brown skin. When I first met her, many people misunderstood Ly as belonging to...

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Duong Minh Ngoc - H.ot g.irl nominated for the top 100 most beautiful faces in the world shocked when r.evealing "sensitive" photos

An Nhi10:56:29 18/11/2021
The moment r.evealing the "sensitive" part of h.ot g.irl Duong Minh Ngoc is attracting the attention and discussion of fans. From about 2-3 years ago, Duong Minh Ngoc (born in 1996) has been a popular h.ot g.irl on social networks. She inherited French mixed b.lood from her...

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