Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son

Hướng DươngApr 15, 2024 at 17:10

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Emerging from clips of busking and music covers with an inspiring voice, Aki Khoa has now gradually conquered the audience with music products produced and written by himself.

Aki Khoa (real name Nguyen Tan Khoa, born in 1998) entered the music career when he was only 15 years old. With a strong passion for singing and the desire to stand on the same stage with famous artists, the young man, despite his family's objections, joined the fair l.otto troupe and began acting. The process of reaching your dream through concerts in all provinces.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 1

The early days of conquering the dream of being a professional singer with Aki Khoa were not easy. The challenges and financial difficulties at that time made the young man think about returning to his hometown and finding a stable job like many of his peers.

"Back then, Khoa was independent so he didn't have any extra m.oney. One night of singing, Khoa was paid 100k, so that was just enough to eat and pay for personal expenses," the male singer shared. He also frankly acknowledged that this playground is not the right place to develop his name.

During the 2 years with the group, what Aki Khoa cherishes most is the joy of standing on stage. "I get to sing and below are the loving audience, attentively watching my performance," he said.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 2

Deciding to leave the group and return to his hometown, Khoa took up a candy bar and became a busker at famous pubs and streets. "During my time singing, I also encountered many social incidents: Being robbed of singing points; being beaten for singing better and selling more.

I was very sad and depressed because I thought about affecting the people around me who were working as buskers. Every day when I go to work I feel insecure, afraid of being hit in the back without even realizing it. Sometimes when I get discouraged, I just want to stop," the male singer confided.

However, luck always smiles on those who know how to try and make unremitting efforts. Accordingly, while busking at a pub, Aki Khoa was accidentally recorded by the audience and uploaded to Youtube. That clip received a lot of attention and love from everyone.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 3

At this time, the young man's desire to sing and stand on stage arose again. And he decided to take the stage name Aki Khoa to do artistic activities as well as create his own Youtube channel to post cover versions and songs and music videos composed by himself.

The male singer also tried his hand at many different music venues and successfully won the runner-up prize in the Central region of BeU Honda, reached the top of the P336 all-round music group competition,...

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 4

Confiding in SaoTeen, Aki Khoa talked about his fear of not being able to escape the shadow of his own "cover idol": "Because most people are too familiar with my image of singing candy with cover songs. So I was very scared and pressured. Sometimes when I go on stage, I don't know how to introduce myself.

I want the audience to remember me as a singer, with my own songs. That's why later, I stopped singing cover songs and focused on improving my own abilities, producing, writing lyrics, and producing music products with Aki Khoa's own colors."

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 5

Up to now, Aki Khoa has successfully released 7 songs, including extremely famous music products, making waves on social networking platforms such as: Love Ta Hai Nga, Look I Love You Crying or Wedding Song,... received a lot of love from the audience.

Currently, Aki Khoa's Youtube channel has nearly 100,000 followers, and all released songs have garnered a large number of views, especially the music film project "Love Is Two Falls" with the title song. with the same name received more than 1 million views.

Not only that, the song is also very viral on the TikTok platform and has been trended by celebrities and famous TikTokers, including Xuan Ca. The clip using her song "Love Is Two Nga" has reached 9 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 6

It is known that this song was composed by Aki Khoa during the final stages of the Covid-19 epidemic, inspired by the love stories he observed and felt in real life.

Not long ago, Aki Khoa's cover of "All or Nothing" "disappeared" from YouTube after being reported for copyright by Cao Thai Son. Before being removed, this cover attracted nearly 1 million views, reaching the top trending list within just a few days of its release.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 7

Many viewers said that Cao Thai Son's actions were because he was afraid that his juniors would "surpass"; "afraid of losing a bowl of rice"... Because many netizens commented, Aki Khoa's cover version is more outstanding and emotional than the original.

On the TikTok platform, the young man's audio is also used by many people as background music in videos. Many observant fans also realized that, before Aki Khoa's cover, Cao Thai Son's original "All Or Nothing" was quite lackluster and had low views. The audience commented that the male artist contributed significantly to helping the singer's new hit Rainbow After the Rain resonate.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 8

Talking to the reporter, Aki Khoa confirmed that the cover version was removed from YouTube because he was too subjective. The young man admitted that he is a young singer new to the profession and has not had many problems with copyright issues, so he lacks experience, leading to shortcomings. Before the incident, he went directly to meet Cao Thai Son and apologized.

Talking about the future direction of music, Aki Khoa plans to continuously innovate and try many different genres, more suitable to listeners' tastes, not necessarily stopping at Ballad.

Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son - Photo 9

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