LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction?

Hướng DươngApr 21, 2024 at 15:39

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Gathering the famous Beautiful Sisters, LUNAS is definitely the group receiving the most attention and expectations at the present time. However, before the group debuted, they were already caught up in internal disputes.

There is only a short time left before the group LUNAS will officially debut to the audience. Right from the start, the group made fans extremely excited when they gathered 5 female stars from the show "Beautiful Sister Who Rides the Wind and Turns the Wave", gathering both talent and beauty: Trang Phap - Lan Ngoc - Diep Lam Anh - Huyen B.aby - Khong Tu Quynh.

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 1

All five of these beauties have successful careers of their own, but they temporarily put them aside to focus on LUNAS, which promises to become a "blockbuster" in the Vietnamese music industry when they debut. In addition to beauty and talent, the girls also have a sense of humor and have many times posted photos of themselves "degrading" the sisters, even themselves on social networks, making fans unable to stop laughing.

Most recently, Diep Lam Anh even "exposed" himself as the person who intentionally dropped a cake on Trang Phap's head and a coconut on Huyen B.aby's head. At first glance, it seemed like LUNAS was having internal problems, but when I saw the photos, I realized it was a joke.

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 2

The story is that before that, Diep Lam Anh was questioned by a fan page for "harming" her teammates, so on this occasion, she posted a "scandal" about herself to satisfy herself. The "mother of two"'s clever way of "causing" also made netizens burst into laughter.

"The person whose cake was dropped by Diep Lam Anh" is Trang Phap who also commented: "Revealing the most defensive member of group L (referring to LUNAS)!". As for netizens, they helplessly repeated three times: "LUNAS is a music group, not a comedy group."

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 3

Ignoring the above issue, not long ago the group also shared an interview clip with 5 members before launching their debut product. Here, the beautiful ladies had the opportunity to open up about LUNAS as well as their upcoming plans.

Diep Lam Anh said she is a symbol of strength and will be a member who always covers everyone. Huyen B.aby is peace and connection between members. "Rich Lady" further revealed that the remaining 4 Beautiful Sisters also agreed to let her hold the visual position of the group - something that is not too difficult to understand because this g.irl inherently possesses impressive beauty.

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 4

Khong Tu Quynh is a member who symbolizes femininity and charm. The female singer affirmed that with her experience on stage, she will know clearly what the audience wants. Lan Ngoc represents happiness and excitement, creating positive energy for the group.

Besides, the "screen gem" also talked about how there hasn't been a g.irl group in the market for a long time, so this is an opportunity, especially when all 5 Dep Sisters have their own achievements in the profession. Regarding the group's image, the actress said: "It won't be framed, it will be cute, it will be s.exy."

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 5

As for Trang Phap, she expressed freedom and said that creative freedom will affect her own musical contributions to the group. "Whatever hasn't been done in Vietnam yet, we will have time to do to experiment with each other," she said.

However, after listening to the interview, the most important thing that the audience is waiting for is what the group's upcoming music and events will be like? From beginning to end, all 5 members talked a lot about "inspiring", about "free spirit",... a lot but in fact it's not too new to the media articles on the system. group's social.

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 6

The most important thing in a music group is still the music and the stories surrounding the music - not the "inspiring" group of 5 Beautiful Sisters! Even the person directly responsible for the music for the group, Trang Phap, gave a rather general answer - "creative freedom", "girl crush style".

Is it possible that LUNAS has not yet had a final solution regarding music at this point? But of course, the audience will have to wait until the right date and time to know the exact answer!

LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction? - Photo 7

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