Xuan Mai: Once a "musical prodigy", now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America

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Xuan Mai, once a "musical prodigy", is now the mother of three children and has a peaceful life in America. The decision to move with her family to America when she was at the peak of her career marked a major turning point in her life.

Xuan Mai was born in 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City, the daughter of singer Tuan Canh and guitarist Thu Thu, born into a family with artistic tradition. From a young age, she showed her natural musical talent. When she was just 2 years old, Xuan Mai was able to confidently sing on stage and quickly attracted the attention of a large audience.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 1

At the age of 3, Xuan Mai participated in the program "The Voice of Mang Non" and won first prize. From then on, she began participating in many music shows and performances and achieved great success. However, at the age of 5, Xuan Mai released her first album "The Little Stork" and quickly became a musical phenomenon. This album sold more than 1 million copies, a record number for a c.hild singer in Vietnam at that time.

The success of "The Little Stork" brought Xuan Mai to the peak of fame. She became the most beloved "musical prodigy" in Vietnam and was dubbed the "little princess of the Vietnamese music industry" and continuously released new albums such as "Sister Brown Bee", "Piggy Bank". ", "Bac Kim Thang"... Possessing a clear, sweet voice and confident performance style, Xuan Mai has conquered the hearts of millions of audiences of all ages.

However, Xuan Mai's music career did not last too long. When she was 7 years old, her family decided to take her to the US to settle down to focus on her studies. Therefore, Xuan Mai had to temporarily put aside her passion for music to pursue her education.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 2

In the US, Xuan Mai attended high school and graduated from university with a major in economics. After graduating, she started working and had a peaceful life in America. In 2009, after many years of silence, Xuan Mai suddenly returned with the MV "Frozen Nostalgia". However, her comeback did not receive much attention from the public.

Since then, Xuan Mai has no longer released any music products on all platforms. It wasn't until 2016 that the female singer surprised the audience when she got married and became a mother at the age of 21. Married life and motherhood seemed to keep Xuan Mai busy, with little time for music. She had to postpone it and spend more time taking care of her current family.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 3

It was not until 2018, after giving birth to her second c.hild, that Xuan Mai officially returned to artistic activities. However, instead of continuing to pursue the musical path, the once "musical prodigy" chose to try his hand at being an actor.

The television series "Cali Golden Flower Season" marks Xuan Mai's return to the screen. Playing the role of a woman with many events in her life, Xuan Mai demonstrated her natural, emotional acting ability, receiving many compliments from the audience.

However, besides the compliments, Xuan Mai also faced mixed opinions about her changed appearance after giving birth. Many viewers commented that the once "musical prodigy" could no longer maintain his slim figure as before. Faced with these opinions, Xuan Mai shared that she is completely confident and satisfied with her current appearance. She said that after giving birth, those who become mothers experience changes in weight and b.ody shape, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 4

By the end of 2018, many people were surprised to hear that Xuan Mai had given birth to another b.aby girl, her third c.hild. Netizens believe that giving birth 3 times in a row in 3 years will be very dangerous and difficult for Xuan Mai, but a friend of hers once shared: "Giving birth 3 times in a row can make the whole family sick. It was difficult, but later it was less difficult to take the children to school. Taking care of 3 small children at the same time caused Xuan Mai to face a lot of pressure and stress, but the female singer was able to overcome it because of her husband's support and sharing. and families on both sides."

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 5

After Xuan Mai got married and experienced the difficulties of motherhood, she gradually understood family feelings.

Recently, in an interview, Xuan Mai's father revealed his relationship with his daughter since he settled in the US.

According to Mr. Canh, father and son have the opportunity to be closer and more connected. They regularly communicate via text messages and video calls, sharing everyday moments and encouraging each other in life.

Mr. Canh always gives his daughter boundless love. He was saddened to know that his daughter had many difficulties in life. As a single mother of 3 children, Xuan Mai has to take care of her family while working in a bank to cover living expenses.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 6

Understanding the hardships his daughter is going through, Mr. Canh regularly supports his daughter physically and mentally. He shared the financial burden, helped his daughter take care of her children and encouraged her mentally to have more strength to overcome challenges in life.

Xuan Mai: Once a musical prodigy, now a mother of 3 children, living a hard life in America - Photo 7

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