Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life

An NhiDec 19, 2021 at 22:48

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The information revolving around the story between Vuong Phi - Ta Dinh Phong - Truong Ba Chi always has a strange attraction to public opinion.

In the entertainment industry, there are many "sister - sister" relationships that attract the attention of fans. Naturally, is not important in love. When truly in love, the age gap is sometimes just numbers.

Referring to the noisy "sister-sister" love of Asian showbiz, surely one cannot ignore the Vuong - Ta couple. The love between sisters is 11 years old and the "heavenly" love affair of Nicholas Tse - Vuong Phi has consumed countless papers and ink in the press.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 1

More than 20 years have passed since Nicholas Tse first met Vuong Phi - a woman 11 years older than him. Also from that moment, fate called the young man in a two-decade love affair with the strong woman of the Hong Kong music industry.

Referring to Vuong Phi, people will spend countless beautiful words for the heavenly voice of the Queen of Hong Kong. It is said that Vuong Phi possesses a distinctive and sharp voice that is unmistakable in the history of Chinese music during the past 20 years.

Not only possessing a massive music career, Vuong Phi's love story has become an endless topic for the media and fans. And Nicholas Tse must be an unforgettable name when it comes to Vuong Phi's life.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 2

Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse first met in 2000. At that time, Nicholas Tse had just turned 20 years old, and Vuong Phi was 31 years old and passed through a husband's life.

The time to meet Ta Dinh Phong is known for his image of a young master, the beloved son of famous actor Ta Hien and a rising pop star. While Vuong was already a "queen" of illustrious reputation.

The first meeting place of the two was a bar, at that time Nicholas Tse went out with a group of friends and Vuong Phi was relieved after an empty time because he had just divorced his first husband, Dau Duy. .

The strange charm of a woman who has passed a boat makes Ta Dinh Phong "infatuated" with love. A strong, personality, confident Vuong Phi with a perfect image has attracted the "young man" of the Ta family. At that moment, the young man with the surname Ta quickly fell in love with that experienced woman and decided to pursue it.

After a while, rumors about this 11-year-old love story began to circulate in the media, but the two have never confirmed it. Despite the objections of the two families, the two were like opposite magnets attracted to each other. This is considered the most shocking "sister - brother" love in Chinese showbiz at that time.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 3

However, it is not clear why the two then broke up. Vuong Phi married Ly A Bang, and Nicholas Tse chose to stay with Truong Ba Chi. However, it seems that fate arranged for Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse to return together when Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi both divorced in turn.

The moment when he learned that Vuong Phi was divorced, Nicholas Tse immediately sent a very long handwritten letter to his ex-lover expressing his longing and never-ending love in his heart.

After 11 years, Vuong Phi decided to be quiet to reflect on his feelings, resolve conflicts in the past, and decided to give Nicholas Tse a chance. At that time, Nicholas Tse was no longer a 20-year-old b.oy full of excitement and aggression. At that time, he was a 33-year-old man mature enough to know what he needed in life.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 4

And the interrupted love story of Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi was resumed to the surprise of many people. In an interview, Nicholas Tse frankly admitted that Vuong Phi is the biggest love of his life: "In this world, the person I love the most is Vuong Phi".

The love that Nicholas Tse for Vuong Phi is difficult to change. But in an old interview of the actor surnamed Ta. The actor suddenly confided that, if he entered the late afternoon, surely the person he wanted to be with was Truong Ba Chi. It is not Vuong Phi, it is the ex-wife that Nicholas Tse chooses to spend the last time of his life.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 5

The reason why the actor Infinity has thoughts is because Truong Ba Chi gave birth to a c.hild for him. This sharing surprised and touched many fans. Page BJH commented, so far Nicholas Tse has never said such words to Vuong Phi. Is it possible that after 10 years of divorce, the person he has deeper feelings for is still his ex-wife.

It can be seen that the feelings of Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse are very strong, after reuniting the two become secretive and rarely share any information with the press. However, if having to choose between lovers and children, the actor surnamed Ta still chooses to be with the two sons Lucas and Quintus.

Vuong Phi was "left out", this is the woman Nicholas Tse wants to be with at the end of his life - Photo 6

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