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The former NCT member returned with a documentary, netizens still actively boycotted it

Phi Đức15:31:11 25/02/2024
On the evening of February 24, Lucas (former member of NCT/WayV) officially returned after the scandal with a documentary called Freeze. In recent days, Kpop fans have been buzzing about a series of moves by SM to prepare a solo debut for male idols involved in scandals.

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Xie Dinh Feng was angrily hospitalized because his eldest son argued, and Zhang Cezhi supported him wholeheartedly

Thư Kỳ16:19:33 04/11/2023
The news that Ta Dinh Phong was suddenly hospitalized because he was angry with his eldest son Lucas. Currently, the actor's representatives have not responded. But the case is currently receiving attention from cnet.

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Xie Hien revealed himself after the 'first d.eath', regretting not having Zhang Cezhi

Thư Kỳ10:30:10 06/09/2023
The image of Xie Hien exposed in public after the news that actor Shen Bai had a stroke admitted to the emergency hospital made netizens breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, Ta Hien also revealed about her two daughters-in-law.

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Ta Hien died at the age of 86 after being treated for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong's side clarified

Ning Jing10:28:54 28/08/2023
After being treated in hospital for a stroke, Chinese media recently reported that actor Shen Bai had passed away, causing a s.hock in public opinion. Faced with this information, Ta Dinh Phong's side clarified.

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Ta Dinh Phong fainted at Xie Hien's hospital bedside, revealing his relationship with Cecilia Zhang

Thư Kỳ16:11:03 23/08/2023
After his biological father was hospitalized for treatment for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong was deeply shocked, knelt by the hospital bed, cried because he felt that he was not worried and cared about Ta Hien, which touched many people.

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Truong Ba Chi denied reuniting with Nicholas Tse, the internet revealed the details of "hiding head and tail"

Nhật Hân10:50:07 25/07/2023
Recently, Chinese screen watchers have not been happy for a long time with the news of the reunion of Truong Ba Chi and her husband, her representative has denied the news of the reunion of the Chinese couple.

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Truong Ba Chi dated Ta Dinh Phong to travel, the actor criticized Vuong Phi for not being equal to his ex-wife in many things

Ning Jing17:28:03 22/07/2023
Appearing together in Australia and having the appearance of two sons, Truong Ba Chi and Nicholas Tse, it is said that the broken mirror will heal, making many people overjoyed.

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Truong Ba Chi forgives ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, the actor hastily spent big m.oney to compensate for his children

Yang Mi10:29:00 18/07/2023
Although he has been criticized many times for not caring about his children, all the responsibility of raising children is left to his ex-wife, recently a series of photos shows Nicholas Tse and his eldest son Lucas appearing together to attract the attention of the media. .

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Ho Hoai Anh is suspected of playing golf with Hong Dang, signaling that he is fine, how has his appearance changed?

Min07:31:29 16/06/2023
The noise in Spain last year caused the careers of Hong Dang and Ho Hoai Anh to be destroyed. After 1 year has passed, the two have now regained their spirits and have a new life when they are no longer active in art.

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Lucas (NCT): Recruited by SM just because of his beautiful face, the scandal of "tra male" shocked his teammates.

M.A19:29:24 15/06/2023
Lucas is wholeheartedly promoted and supported by SM with many activities. However, he was disappointed because of a private life scandal that disappointed many people. The male idol's scandal is also related to the NCT group.

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Ly Hien, Duong Mich, Thai Tu Khon, Tieu Chien and Cbiz stars were exposed to the price of up to 100 billion?

Yang Mi18:58:31 08/06/2023
A social media account has shocked Chinese netizens when it suddenly revealed that with just a small amount of m.oney, you can easily invite first-class Cbiz stars to dinner for 2 hours.

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Ho Hoai Anh was "secured" and did not dare to r.eveal himself, his relatives revealed his sad current situation

Min17:48:55 08/06/2023
In the past time, many people have wondered where musician Ho Hoai Anh is and what his current life is like, recently, a relative spoke out to answer the current situation of the former Vietnamese Voice coach. .

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Nicholas Tse pays more than 276 billion in alimony every year, but Truong Ba Chi doesn't care

Yang Mi11:11:08 05/11/2022
It is reported that the actor from the Port - Nicholas Tse has to pay 80 million yuan (more than 276 billion) in alimony each year for his ex-wife, but Truong Ba Chi has never used this m.oney. surprised netizens. After the actress "King of Comedy" Truong Ba Chi divorced Nicholas...

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Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi

Nắng09:29:36 07/10/2022
For a long time, the media magazine has continuously published news about Nicholas Tse and his irresponsibility to his children. Accordingly, the 12-year-old actor is busy in love and is not with his son Lucas and Quintus. He left everything to Truong Ba Chi. In fact, Nicholas...

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Truong Ba Chi's son - Nicholas Tse does not know his mother tongue even though he is 15 years old

Jennie15:21:14 20/09/2022
In addition to working hard to earn m.oney so that her children can study in the best environments, she also tries to arrange time to take her children to travel, to do the part of the man in the family. Not long ago, Truong Ba Chi shared a photo taken with her two sons, Quintus...

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Trinh Sang suddenly entered the drama race, determined to win the spotlight with the title of 'scandal queen'

Thư Kỳ14:56:50 12/09/2022
In the midst of the storm, all directions of public opinion and keywords are related to Ly Dich Phong, recently Trinh Sang could not be left out, but recently the actress Watching the meteor shower made an unexpected move. Before the scandal of p.rostitution, relations with...

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Truong Ba Chi rarely shows up with 3 children, the youngest face takes the spotlight

An Nhi15:26:48 09/08/2022
After the broken marriage with Nicholas Tse, Truong Ba Chi became very secretive about his private life. That's why the rare information about the three beauties of the Truong family is always the focus of public attention. Not long ago, some netizens shared pictures of mother...

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Ta Dinh Phong's son - Truong Ba Chi rarely appeared, shocking with a different appearance

An Nhi16:56:00 03/08/2022
Entering puberty, the appearance of Lucas - the first son of the Ta Dinh Phong and Truong Ba Chi families changed dramatically. Many people think that the b.oy has lost his handsomeness and is no longer as cute as before. Recently, Truong Ba Chi shared a photo taken with two sons...

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"BTS sister" Kim Garam was officially kicked out of LE SSERAFIM

Hoàng Phúc17:11:44 20/07/2022
After many denials and strong defenses, HYBE company recently announced that they have officially terminated the contract with Kim Garam - the rookie who just debuted in the group LE SSERAFIM. On July 20, Source Music - a subsidiary of HYBE - officially announced the termination...

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Nicholas Tse is the third noble father of the Truong Ba Chi family, who revealed that he is a person with b.lood in the face?

An Nhi10:52:40 13/07/2022
The latest information regarding the couple Ta Dinh Phong and Truong Ba Chi makes many people confused. In 2012, Nicholas Tse and Truong Ba Chi divorced. The couple has two sons, Lucas and Quintus. After the divorce, 2 children were raised by Truong Ba Chi. In 2018, Truong Ba...

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Nicholas Tse spent the night at Truong Ba Chi's house, and Vuong Phi got mad when he heard the news?

Yang Mi15:38:04 24/06/2022
The story of the trio Truong Ba Chi - Ta Dinh Phong and Vuong Phi recently continued to receive media attention when it was reported that Nicholas Tse spent the night at his ex-wife's house, making his lover mad. The love story is too complicated and has been involved for many...

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H.OT: Ly Nha Ky holds hands and hugs her waist lovingly with the famous MC of FoxTV channel

Tuan Le13:38:50 27/05/2022
In the photo series taken at Cannes, Ly Nha Ky showed off her beautiful and seductive beauty with the famous Brazilian fashion star and MC, Lucas Castellani. It can be seen that she is the female star who combines the most with famous beauties from all over the world, with...

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How luxurious is Cbiz star: Truong Ba Chi spends 6 billion in half a day, Ly Tuong uses cosmetics made of diamonds

Yang Mi20:08:14 25/04/2022
In addition to the popularity and wealth of Chinese stars, many people can't help but be "psychologically traumatized" with the m.oney habit of Cbiz beauties. How much m.oney celebrities earn, everyone can see on the news, especially those with high reputation. S.hooting a small...

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Truong Ba Chi's son surprised with his appearance at the age of 12 like a statue with Nicholas Tse

An Nhi15:47:49 04/04/2022
The c.hild of Truong Ba Chi's family is predicted to be the future handsome man of Cbiz, no different from the famous father surnamed Ta. Recently, the Sohu page published an article related to Truong Ba Chi and his sons. Specifically, according to the article, on April 2, the...

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