Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury

An NhiMar 04, 2022 at 09:39

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The latest developments in the case of actress Tangmo Nida who died on the river are still being closely watched by the public.

After the actress Tangmo Nida of "Flying Leaf" passed away, many friends in the world as well as the public were very sad and wanted her d.eath to be clarified.

Before Tangmo's sudden departure, on a talk show, two close friends told many stories about the actress, including the night she died.

Tangmo fell at the area of Rama 7 Bridge, Chao Praya River. According to the actress's friend, if she fell there, even if she was a national swimmer, it would be very difficult to live, because the water at night was very strong, when Tangmo crashed, it was more than 11 o'clock at night.

Hearing the bad news of Tangmo, two friends immediately went to the scene, drove around, and called Gatick - the manager who was sailing with Tangmo did not pick up the phone. After that, the two went to find Gatick, but she did not appear here anymore.

Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury - Photo 1

The two continued to go to a ferry in the Chao Praya River area when they met Tangmo's boyfriend. He stood there alone without friends and kept asking for help: "Have you found it yet? Can you let me in the boat with you?". Tangmo's boyfriend also helped the rescuer move the boat and begged to be followed to find the actress.

The most frustrating is when two friends messaged Tangmo's team, they received a message from Gatick: "Go home and wait. Are you divers? Can you help people? Go home and wait!" . According to two friends, Gatick also spoke in a very cold tone.

Recently, female singer Bo TK - the first person Gatick - Tangmo Pattaratida's manager contacted after the actress fell into the Chao Phraya River last night, February 24, was present at the police station to give testimony.

After finishing the interrogation with the police, the female singer opened a press conference here to share all the information she had. At the press conference, singer Bo TK admitted that she was the one who advised Gatick not to declare that the cause of Tangmo falling into the river was because she slipped after urinating in the stern of the boat. However, she said that Gatick did not tell the whole truth when appearing on the program on CH3 a few days ago.

Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury - Photo 2

Bo TK said, on the day of the incident, she asked Gatick if she had seen Tangmo urinate and fall into the river with her own eyes. Gatick replied that he was sitting at the front of the boat at the time, so he didn't see it. Therefore, Bo TK told Gatick not to tell the police that Tangmo fell because he urinated in the stern of the boat. Because, Gatick did not witness with his own eyes, but only heard San's words. In Bo TK's opinion, Gatick was only allowed to tell what he had witnessed with his own eyes.

At the end of the press conference, Bo TK also gave Gatick advice that: "The truth will make you free, only the truth can protect you". Bo TK repeated this sentence many times.

In addition, the media also released CCTV footage of Tangmo's residence on the night of her accident. At 3:36, CCTV recorded the image of Gatick driving Tangmo's car back to the actress's house, followed by a white car.

Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury - Photo 3

Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury - Photo 4

Next, both Gatick's car and the white car were parked in front of Tangmo's house. However, the person sitting in the white car did not get off, but only talked with Gatick for a while and then left.

But what made the public question after seeing these clips was Gatick's previous testimony. Previously, Gatick once caused outrage when he answered that the reason for leaving after Tangmo's accident was because he was worried about his daughter at the actress's house alone. Therefore, she went back to the house to take a bath and then cuddle her daughter to sleep.

However, in CCTV can be seen, Gatick only entered Tangmo's house for about half an hour and then left immediately in his car. This again shows, Gatick continues to be dishonest in his testimony. Security guard revealed to the media that, before leaving, Gatick asked him to absolutely not let reporters into the house.

Currently, the case of Tangmo Nida is still being clarified by the authorities.

Tangmo (Flying Leaf) case: Publishing suspicious CCTV images, exposing blatant perjury - Photo 5

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