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The evil g.irl Flying Leaf "checked in" with a conical hat, showing off her fiery figure while traveling to Vietnam

Hoa Tuyết16:51:16 24/01/2024
During this trip to Vietnam, Gypsy Keerati posted many moments walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi's Old Quarter in s.exy outfits, making many Vietnamese fans restless.

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Gypsy Keerati: Thailand's toughest female star, noisy surgery, changing lovers like changing clothes

N.P14:54:16 23/11/2022
Gypsy Keerati became known to the public after her supporting role in The Flying Leaf . Like her role, in real life, Gypsy Keerati has also made noise many times with her personal life entangled in many controversies, from plastic surgery, daring dress style to the feat of...

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Tangmo Nida's Facebook incident suddenly posted a new photo: The biological mother is the one behind

Rosé10:47:14 27/05/2022
The question is, who sent Tangmo's cell phone to Bang Jack? Although the actress's mother previously claimed that the phone was carefully wrapped in cloth and stored, she finally admitted that she was the one who sent it to Bang Jack. After nearly two months of investigation...

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Tangmo Nida manager pleads guilty to perjury, group of 5 friends face up to a decade in prison

An Nhi19:51:09 04/04/2022
The details related to the case of Tangmo Nida - the actress of the Flying Leaf have so far attracted the attention of many people. Page Nine Entertain reported that at 3:30 pm on April 4, Kratik - Tangmo Nida's manager - went to Mueang Nonthaburi police station under a summons...

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The show "calling the soul" Tangmo The Flying Leaf was broadcast live, the cause of d.eath was revealed?

Hoàng Phúc08:16:13 20/03/2022
The spiritual program about the d.eath of actress Tangmo Nida is receiving a lot of attention. The d.eath of actress "Flying Leaf" Tangmo Nida still causes a lot of controversy in the Thai and international online community. Although the matter is slowly sinking, recently...

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Baifern Pimchanok (Flying Leaf) turns into a goddess when wearing traditional clothes, visuals make netizens c.razy

An Nhi20:28:30 18/03/2022
The latest series of moments of actress Baifern Pimchanok makes many people overwhelmed. It can be said that one of the 9X beauties with the best visual in Thailand in recent years is Baifern Pimchanok. The Pearl of the Flying Leaf always knows how to turn herself into the...

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The case of the actress 'Flying leaf': 2 giants on the boat 'did their hair to become a monk', the autopsy was moved again?

Huỳnh Như03:52:35 17/03/2022
The act of "monastic life" at the time of investigating the case made many people controversial and angry about these two characters. In recent days, the d.eath of actress Tangmo Nida has shocked the Asian entertainment industry. After nearly a month of Tangmo Nida's d.eath, the...

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Push Puttichai and his wife burst into tears on the livestream, responding to criticism for not attending Tangmo Nida's funeral

Huỳnh Như07:43:20 16/03/2022
The unexpected livestream of Push Puttichai and his wife caused netizens to stir and create mixed opinions. In the past few days, people have been constantly arguing about the act of Push Puttichai not going to the memorial ceremony of actress Tangmo Nida - Tangmo Nida. Push...

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Tangmo Nida case: Publishing autopsy results clarifying all injuries, contrary to rumors

An Nhi11:35:46 15/03/2022
The results of the first round of autopsy of the actress The Flying Leaf were announced on the afternoon of March 14. During the past 2 weeks, the Asian entertainment industry was deeply shaken by the tragic d.eath of Tangmo Nida (actress of the Flying Leaf) while on an outing...

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Tangmo Nida's mother announced her departure from the cremation ceremony of her daughter, her boyfriend sadly hugged the photo full of sadness

An Nhi20:04:49 12/03/2022
On the second memorial day, many friends and colleagues continued to see off actress Tangmo Nida. On March 12, the memorial ceremony for Tangmo Nida (actress of the Flying Leaf) entered the second day. The presence of a large number of fans, friends and colleagues in the Thai...

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R.evealing the clip of the group of friends leaving the DV The Gone Leaf Bay sank into the river, the manager was upset because of the letter after the funeral

Hoàng Phúc19:31:38 12/03/2022
Recently, on social networks, CCTV footage continued to appear, suspecting the moment Tangmo Nida crashed and gradually sank into the river in front of the witness of 5 people on the boat. Specifically, in the CCTV clip recorded in the area near where the b.ody of the actress...

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S.HOCK: The 'final' autopsy result of the actress 'Flying Leaf' is completely different from the previous one?

Huỳnh Như16:39:15 12/03/2022
The latest autopsy results of the actress "Flying Leaf" caused netizens to have mixed opinions. The case of the actress The leaf that fell into the river and died is still attracting the close attention of the public. On March 10, a rescue worker revealed information about the...

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Tangmo Nida Funeral: Manager cried for 15 minutes and then came back, the late mother DV was close to 2 suspicious objects

An Nhi23:29:19 11/03/2022
Every move of the manager and biological mother at the funeral of the actress The Flying Leaf received great attention from the public. On the evening of March 11, a memorial service for Tangmo Nida (actress of the Flying Leaf) was held at Liberty Church Bangkok. It is known...

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Leaked clip 'actress The flying leaf was dragged on the river' on the first day of the funeral

Huỳnh Như19:19:16 11/03/2022
The clip was quickly shared on social networks, and fans couldn't help but feel sad when thinking about the situation of the actress The Flying Leaf at that time. It has been 2 weeks since the accident that claimed the life of Tangmo Nida (actress of the Flying Leaf), suspicious...

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Tangmo's mother "Flying Leaf" caused outrage because she was caught shopping comfortably in the middle of her daughter's funeral?

An Nhi16:28:07 11/03/2022
Many people find it difficult to understand the indifferent attitude of Tangmo Nida's biological mother. In recent days, besides the 5 subjects related to the d.eath of Tangmo Nida, the actress's mother is also a character that is widely discussed by the public. Most were openly...

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Tangmo case: Strange call revealed shocking details, leaked clip of 2 mysterious voices shouting in the middle of the river

An Nhi17:35:32 10/03/2022
The case of the actress The Flying Leaf is increasingly complicated when a series of suspicious details appear. Amarin TV page on the afternoon of March 10 reported that information related to the incident of Tangmo Nida's unusual d.eath on the Chao Phraya River had many new...

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S.HOCK: Tangmo's last photo 'Flying leaf' is just a collage, the truth was immediately 'unveiled'?

Huỳnh Như11:27:40 10/03/2022
The picture of Tangmo Nida and the female manager Kratik on the day of the accident is said to be a collage, people are excited to find evidence for this. Following a series of "tense" developments of the incident of Tangmo Nida's unusual d.eath on the Chao Phraya River, on the...

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The actor "Flying leaf" owes 7 billion dong, has to sell stupid things: "It is better to be poor than to receive rich guests"

Nam Phương17:27:45 09/03/2022
Behind the relentless efforts, the late actor Tangmo Pataritda had to work many different jobs to make ends meet. Everyone mourns for a beautiful rose but the fate of Thailand. The case of actor Tangmo Pataritda fell to his d.eath on February 24, but there is no final conclusion...

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Extremely shocked with the 'bloody' power of the boatman of the 'Flying Leaf' case, mysterious behavior and the amount of 21 billion

Huỳnh Như11:17:34 09/03/2022
Updating the "terrible" family background of the boatman in the case of the d.eath of the actress "Flying Leaf", many people were shocked and doubted: Can the truth be buried? In the case of Tangmo Nida's d.eath, a character who came forward to admit that driving the boat led to...

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Tangmo case: Grab driver revealed the conversation of two suspicious characters on the night of tragedy

An Nhi10:44:42 08/03/2022
The details in the case of actress Tangmo Nida made the public go from one surprise to another. The incident of Tangmo Nida (actress of the Flying Leaf) who died unexpectedly on the Chao Phraya River became more and more serious when the Thai Prime Minister asked the authorities...

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Tangmo Nida case: 2 important evidences were destroyed, the police announced the end of the investigation

An Nhi10:56:27 07/03/2022
After nearly 2 weeks of investigating the case of actress Tangmo Nida, the police have almost reached the final conclusion. On the morning of February 25, Thai public opinion was shocked to receive the news that Tangmo fell into the Chao Phraya River during the night of partying...

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The biological father of the actress "Flying Leaf": Tell the truth about Mrs. Panida, how wonderful is it?

Huỳnh Như10:37:28 06/03/2022
The truth about Mrs. Panida (the mother of the actress "Flying Leaf") shared from her deceased husband, netizens burst out... More than a week since the heartbreaking incident of actress Tangmo (actor of the movie "Flying Leaf") passed away, but the surrounding scandals and...

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The mother of the 'Flying Leaf': Being fined after the "controversy" received 21 billion in compensation?

Huỳnh Như21:23:16 05/03/2022
The attitude of the actress's mother "Flying leaf" makes netizens unable to defend themselves and f.orced to "turn the car", she may also be about to receive a fine... Since the actress "Flying Leaf" (Tangmo Nida) died in an accident, her family side, especially the mother - Ms...

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H.OT: Found "new evidence" stuck in the propeller, the case of the actress "Flying leaf" has a new development?

Huỳnh Như12:58:55 05/03/2022
The latest record from the police, the object found was identified as the b.ody part of the actress "Flying Leaf". It has been more than a week after the sudden d.eath of actress Tangmo Nida (actor in the movie "Flying Leaf), the case is still in a h.ot spot of public opinion and...

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