Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation"

RoséJul 13, 2022 at 16:52

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The wife of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac is Nguyen Hong Nhung, the lady of a famous family in Hanoi. Many times, Xuan Bac proudly affirms that his powerful wife plays an important role in the success of the male comedian.

However, the audience knows a lot about Hong Nhung because of the many noises on MXH over the past time. "Please check your children's Facebook accounts. Oh what a surprise. I gave them all out, 2 phones are also broken. A lot of bad elements drag me into bad groups" - scene status line The newspaper of artist Xuan Bac's wife when she discovered that her children joined chat groups with 18 content that had attracted attention.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 1

After a period of silence, on her personal page, Xuan Bac's wife also attracted attention when she made a statement related to eating and a kind way of life. Specifically, the mother of three expressed: "Eating vegetables is also k.illing. Living with kindness is a monk, being a vegetarian is not a monk. Unicity make life better".

From Xuan Bac's wife's point of view, she wants to emphasize that "tu" does not lie in eating, fasting or eating, but above all, it must come from the heart. Everyone needs to know how to live well and be kind to those around them. That's how you live in peace.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 2

The above move of the male comedian wife quickly received great attention from netizens with many mixed opinions. Specifically, the concept: "Eating vegetables is also k.illing life" is the source of many people's vehement objections.

Things have not stopped when in the comments section, she made the point that she feels "helpless" because many young people do not understand her thoughts. And the comedian's wife thinks those people will not be able to develop.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 3

There are also many objections, claiming that Xuan Bac's wife is looking at the wrong order on this issue. It is not a coincidence that the monks, the temples, ... all practice vegetarianism, do not eat meat, fish, ... Besides, people said that vegetarianism is also a way to help the soul become more pure. , do not smack into the stories in life.

In addition, another part said that living a kind life is something that everyone needs, and has nothing to do with practicing or not practicing. Accordingly, practicing is everyone's choice, but being kind should be everyone's choice, not just anyone.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 4

Contrary to Xuan Bac's quiet personality, his wife often expresses controversial views on issues of public concern and many times she encounters disapproval from her own statement. About a year ago, Xuan Bac's wife publicly spoke on social media to defend CEO Phuong Hang to speak the truth about influential public figures.

On her personal page, Ms. Hong Nhung also praised Nguyen Phuong Hang's actions when she dared to e.xpose the truths that no one dared to speak up.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 5

In 2017, public opinion was stirred when Ms. Hong Nhung publicly accused People's Artist Anh Tu of suppressing her to get her out of the examination board of the Hanoi College of Arts, where she was working. On the side of People's Artist Anh Tu, he affirmed that he did not oppress Xuan Bac's wife because he was only a longtime collaborator of the school and did not have the right to decide.

It can be seen that although she is not active in showbiz, her private life and the noise of Xuan Bac's wife still consume a lot of paper and ink from the press and the attention of the online community. However, Xuan Bac's son also affirmed that his mother is always the one who cares for him. "Whatever you say, mom is still the one who cares and takes care of me. How many times, I see her getting up early to prepare clothes for me."

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 6

Experiencing ups and downs, male comedian 7X once frankly admitted that everything did not affect family life too much. In addition to the management work, he is also active in the arts, being selected by many programs to "choose to send gold" to take on the position of MC as well as brand ambassador. His appearance is also commented on as extremely youthful, humorous, and friendly to the audience and colleagues.

Xuan Bac's wife said "touching": "Eating vegetables is also killing! Living with kindness is cultivation" - Photo 7

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