V (BTS) was "attacked" by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie?

Gia LinhAug 25, 2023 at 14:53

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Recently, BTS member V has just been "physically impacted" by c.razy fans while the male idol moves among the crowd, causing fans to be outraged. The clip is now going viral at breakneck speed.

It is known that at the moment, V (BTS) has a schedule of fashion events in Japan. As the most popular member of the global group, it is very normal for V to go where he is sought after. But sometimes, this also causes quite a lot of annoyance to the male idol himself. The incident of V being bothered by fans when he got out of the car has caused the Army community to be extremely disgruntled.

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 1

Specifically, in a video of V struggling to move in the encirclement of fans just before the event, Army spotted an extremist grabbing the male idol's hair. The moment lasted only a few seconds but was enough for the people to boil over. It is easy to see that this fan's hand touched the top of V's head and part of his hair. In the process of rushing into the car, unfortunately it is easy to hurt the guy.

Earlier, when he saw many fans waiting for him outside the event, V greeted everyone in a friendly manner and gestured to remain quiet. However, the guy still struggled because of the large number of followers, constantly shouting loudly for attention.

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 2

After this video went viral, Army was extremely outraged that the fans' actions and large gatherings affected the idol's personal schedule. Besides, HYBE also received a lot of criticism because many fans thought that the company had not arranged security forces to follow V properly.

It is still unclear if the person who performed the "physical impact" is really a big fan of the male idol. However, there are many opinions that the person who attacked the BTS member may also be a fan of "rumored love" Jennie (BLACKPINK). Because fans do not support the idol's relationship, they immediately "spin" to attack them, regardless of the consequences that often happen in Kbiz.

Before that, V had only revealed clear evidence of dating Jennie. Thanks to May 2023, the golden couple made waves across Asia with an unflinching fist in the heart of Paris and a series of clear evidence. Both sides have been silent despite the series of rumors that have been swirling since the beginning of 2022, but Jennie has taken to social media to post pictures of herself dressed up as V dating in Paris to implicitly confirm the relationship.

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 3

It is known that Korean media reported on the c.razy heat of member V (Kim Taehyung) in Japan, which is dubbed "TAETAELAND"

V has departed for Japan to attend luxury brand Celine's Tokyo schedule as a global ambassador.

On this day, V attracted attention when she wore her airport outfit in a casual, comfortable style and matched Celine's flagship bag, and a knitted sweater from the Celine Homme collection.

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 4

Celine Store located in Omotesando, known as Tokyo's Champs Elysees, hosted the event.

Upon learning of V's visit to Tokyo for the first time in 4 years, Japanese fans began gathering in front of the Celine Store. While V's official schedule has yet to be announced, fans in Japan have been waiting all night longing to see V as a surprise. By the afternoon of the next day, the street where Celine was located, as well as the road in front of other luxury brands across the street, was packed with people greeting V, with fans even flocking to the balcony outside the building next door.

The streets of Omotesando are so crowded that even Japanese locals can't hide their surprise. Japanese locals who were unaware of the situation were surprised by the large crowd and curious: "Which celebrity is coming? There are a lot of people here, both on the other side and behind me..."

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 5

When V arrived at the Celine Store, cheers from fans who had been waiting for a long time shook Omotesando. When V stepped out of the car, fans greeted him by chanting V's nickname "TeTe." V approached the fans, shook hands, greeted them with big smiles, and returned with the V sign to the fans across the street.

KLEINSTEIN, a Japanese fashion consultancy, said: "There were a lot of people in Omotesando around 1pm. They seem to have gathered after hearing rumors that BTS's TeTe might be coming," the witness in Omotosando said.

V (BTS) was attacked by fans during his work in Japan when he just confirmed dating Jennie? - Photo 6

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