Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott

Nguyễn KimFeb 19, 2024 at 06:41

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Tun Pham will continue to be the name mentioned by netizens in the early days of 2024. Recently, the content of his newly released book has caused a lot of controversy when it is said to belittle women.

Tun Pham's real name is Pham Duc Huy, born in 1997. The guy is a popular TikToker with millions of followers on social media. In addition to content creation, Tun Pham also encroached on making MVs, singing, writing books...

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 1

Recently, on many forums, articles calling for a boycott of the book Because you are my little friend - author Tun Pham attracted the attention of the public. The cause of the incident comes from the views on women that this h.ot TikToker shares in the work.

Accordingly, in a book chapter entitled Successful Women - What They Do, Tun Pham gives the lead: "It can be said that women are a wonderful gift that nature has given to men."

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 2

This piece of content by Tun Pham is said to demean the role of women, likening women to a gift for men. Many opinions expressed that women are never a gift from men but themselves. Women also have their own independence and freedom, which is not something for men to entertain or objectify.

The owner of the post calling for a boycott disagreed and said that this is a deliberate view of demeaning women, showing gender stereotypes. "Women will never be a gift from men. Women are who they are. Women are independent, free, never and will never be a thing for men to entertain..."

Immediately the post opposing Tun Pham's views received attention from the online community. After less than 1 day of posting, the post received thousands of likes and nearly 4 thousand shares, not including the amount of interaction in groups on social media.

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 3

Below the posts related to this topic, netizens also left comments to share their opinions. In particular, most opinions oppose Tun Pham's view that "women are gifts that nature gives to men".

However, there are also questions about how a book will go through strict censorship when released, so why is there such controversial content? Is this just a perspective, the author's point of view, with its own interpretation, not a negative thought?

Contacting Tun Pham, he had a candid sharing about this controversial incident. First, Tun apologized for letting his problems affect everyone, and thanked those who always loved and supported him.

Regarding the sentence "It can be said that women are a great gift that nature has given to men", Tun Pham affirmed that this is just a small sentence that is peeled off, not showing viewers the whole scene of the story he wants to share.

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 4

Using the controversial phrase "gift," Pham said it's his way of talking about precious things and "also a way for those around him to appreciate the woman with him." In addition, Tun Pham himself and the subsequent sharing in Because You Are My Little Friend both emphasize that women must be independent and self-reliant. "I don't mean to i.nsult, disrespect or, more seriously, to be belittling 'feminism' as social media comments."

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 5

Finally, Tun Pham said he had read all the good-faith comments from people.

Earlier in late January, Tun Pham apologized to author Lam for using poetry content included in the book without permission.

"As for author Lam, I also accepted an apology from Tun as well as the publisher and accepted the copyright cost," Tun Pham shared.

Tun Pham was condemned for writing books that belittled women, fans simultaneously demanded a boycott - Photo 6

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