Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show

Minh NgọcJan 12, 2024 at 13:59

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Recently, the audience has been buzzing with the news that Tu Vi is one of the 7 'beautiful sisters' who will be revived on the show. That's why when appearing at the recent event, the actress received a lot of special attention from the media.

The online community is abuzz about the studio audience's votes. Many people think that there was an arrangement on the part of the program, while others feel that the audience lacks impartiality. When asked about this issue, Tu Vi expressed his opinion: "I think in a game, there will definitely be some people who stay and some people who leave. That's the rule. When watching a group's performance on the screen, Television can bring a different feeling than the audience experiences at the studio, so it is difficult to say.

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 1

In Vi's personal opinion, every woman deserves to stay and deserves to experience more with the program. Everyone has their own personalities and talents, so no matter who leaves, there will be arguments. It's best if there is a program of 30 people, then keep it at 30 people. 5 jobs, no one has to leave."

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 2

A recent statement from Le Quyen shared her disappointment with the show Beautiful Girl , saying that the show has a "too cruel" nature that attracts a lot of audience attention.

She expressed that her experience on the show was not as good as she had dreamed: "At first when I was invited to participate, the show gave me a very beautiful 'candy'. I hoped it would be a candy that was not only beautiful but It's also delicious. However, when I opened the candy, it was just paper. It wasn't as beautiful and filling as I dreamed."

Le Quyen's sharing made the audience stir. From the beginning of the show until now, the "tea room queen" is said to be the loudest and most controversial face among the 30 beautiful women.

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 3

The female singer said that her mistake was "thinking other people are the same as me". Le Quyen admits that she personally has created many problems, so in a group it is inevitable that "many things happen".

This is not the first time Le Quyen has expressed dissatisfaction with "Beautiful sister who rides the wind and waves". Initially, when entering the competition, the female singer said that at the age of 42, she returned to be a contestant to experience all the joys, anger, and sorrows in a competition, something that she was not confident enough to do in her youth.

"Not only me, the beautiful women in this first season will contribute their strengths. As for their strengths, the women participating in the program have already affirmed their artistic path." - Le Quyen once shared.

Also at this event, Tu Vi received a question about Le Quyen being disappointed with the show and wondering if the actress had the same thoughts?

Tu Vi said that the time she spent participating in Beautiful Sister, Pedaling the Wind and Turning the Waves was very fun and comfortable. According to the Sun Gate actress, "it's normal for every journey to have obstacles like rocks or pebbles, just be careful and overcome them."

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 4

"Vi is very comfortable and happy. Of course on every journey, even on the street, rocks and pebbles will get in my way, but that's normal, a matter of life. I just get over it. "Just be careful when crossing the street. Overall, I'm happy to meet everyone," Tu Vi shared.

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 5

The audience has a more positive view of the program after Tu Vi's sharing. With information about to be revived at Cong 5, fans are eagerly waiting for the 'beautiful sister' whose visuals are among the top of the show to make an explosive return.

Tu Vi disagreed with Le Quyen. As soon as she was revived, she immediately spoke up to defend the show - Photo 6

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