Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music

Khánh HuyềnDec 31, 2023 at 16:25

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Trang Phap is a name receiving special attention from the audience and the online community thanks to her amazing comeback on today's top popular reality TV show.

Maybe you don't know, she appeared as an obnoxious villain in "Vang Anh Diary" (2007). Trang Phap takes on the role of the bad-tempered Thao Uyen, always playing tricks to harm the female lead. At that time, her character made the audience "hate" and Trang Phap also showed Thao Uyen's personality extremely well. After the movie stopped broadcasting, she changed her career to being a singer.

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 1

Currently, Trang Phap is living in Ho Chi Minh City. At the age of 34, the female singer still chooses to live a single life. After 15 years of airing, Trang Phap's face made it difficult for the audience to recognize, many people thought she had gone under the knife to preserve her beauty. However, later, the female singer also shared a close-up photo of her using her hands to pull and push her nose and chin to prove that they did not have the intervention of "plastic surgery" as many rumors said. .

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 2

Regarding her singing career, for many years now, Trang Phap has almost "remained hidden" as she did not regularly participate in shows, events or even perform and release new songs. She still quietly makes music but mostly only plays the role of composer.

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 3

Since then, the audience has speculated that because of her wealth, Trang Phap is no longer enthusiastic about singing. Responding to this opinion, Trang Phap affirmed that she is not rich and has never lost her passion for art. During her quiet time, she focused on composing music and standing behind her colleagues' projects. . Trang Phap said: "I have never stopped loving the guitar. The time I feel happiest is when I am accompanying the piano. It's just that people don't see me standing on stage. I still keep the passion for my profession alive." ".

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 4

Trang Phap was born into a family of diplomats, can fluently speak 3 foreign languages: English, French, and Spanish, and graduated from Lyon University with a major in Economics & Management.

Trang Phap's parents let her learn piano from the age of 6, for 10 consecutive years in France and Vietnam. Starting to write music at the age of 11, Trang Phap possesses composing experience and a huge amount of production work compared to her age.

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 5

After returning to Vietnam, she was invited to produce, compose and perform soundtracks for dozens of movies such as Long Ruoi (directed by Charlie Nguyen), Scandal - Secret of the Red Carpet 1&2 (directed by Victor Vu), Gai Old Man Chieu 3&5 (directed by Namcito and Bao Nhan), Conspiracy with Pointed Heels (directed by Tran Ham), etc. along with VTV's popular TV series.

"I pride myself on doing a decent job. When I make any product, I do it with all my heart, pure and without any calculation. I simply want to contribute to art. That's what makes me feel proud."

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 6

After returning to the screen and on big stages, Trang Phap received warm love from the audience and the online community. Throughout many broadcast episodes, she always maintained her form and was always the most outstanding beauty in each performance. Not only is Trang Phap talented and beautiful, she is also loved for her extremely cute and gentle personality. Even though she is more outstanding and more talented, she has never shown herself to be superior, always very hardworking and devoted to her performance with her teammates.

Trang Phap was a piece of Golden Diary before becoming famous for music - Photo 7

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