Truong Diem: "I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN"

Gia NhiJan 13, 2024 at 16:27

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Possessing a powerful, inspiring voice, Truong Diem won the Talented Beauty a.ward at Miss Universe Vietnam - Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023. This is a precious achievement, recognized by many audiences from Truong Diem.

Holy Truong Diem ended her memorable journey at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 with the title of Talented Beauty.

The beauty from Kien Giang performed the song "Send Nai's Eyes" renewed in a vibrant musical style. In addition to her powerful voice, the female singer convinced the judges by singing and dancing, coordinating well with the dance troupe to bring an impressive performance that helped her achieve the highest score in the Talent competition at Miss Cosmo Vietnam. South 2023.

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 1

Sharing about her recent achievements, Truong Diem said: "My youth journey was very beautiful when I was present at Miss Cosmo Vietnam - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. At the competition I gave my best, I spent all my youth and all my skills as an artist to try my best to pass the competition rounds. For me, the highest victory is to surpass myself. I burst into tears when I received the a.ward because I appreciate it so much. I appreciate and am grateful for the Talented Beauty A.ward. This is a great gift for my efforts, as well as a thank you that I want to send to my family, friends, and fans who have supported me in this competition. Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023 contest".

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 2

Truong Diem has a powerful voice and sharp appearance. With a height of 1.7m at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contest, Truong Diem always attracts attention. At the name-calling competition on stage at Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023, Truong Diem touched the audience when sharing about her childhood accident.

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 3

"The accident when I was 6 years old left a big scar on my butt and thighs. During the past few years, it was the biggest pain and low self-esteem that I thought I could hardly overcome. But the scar "No injury can't heal, even in b.ody and soul. When I stand on the Miss Cosmo stage, I feel like I'm already a winner. I hope everyone will always love and remember me Truong Thanh Diem," she said. speak.

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 4

Truong Diem is the runner-up of the Bolero Charm contest 2018, runner-up of the Let me sing contest 2020. She is a student of male singer Dam Vinh Hung. Truong Diem is currently a freelance singer, having graduated from the Military University of Culture and Arts.

The singer was born in 1994, from Kien Giang, is 1m70 tall and has a h.ot, s.exy b.ody. Before that, she was known as an outstanding student of Dam Vinh Hung and became more famous as a lyrical singer. Sharing about herself, Truong Thanh Diem said: "I am a person with great love and passion for art and music. Since I was a c.hild, I have dreamed of becoming a public figure, so always trying to conquer my dream. And participating in Miss Universe Vietnam is also a great dream and desire in my life.

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 5

I don't think I have a perfect appearance, moreover, I have always had low self-esteem and hated myself. When watching Miss Universe Vietnam, it allowed me to see gorgeous, beautiful, perfect Misses not only from appearance but most of all, beauty from the soul, from training, from the rise up in difficulties; has raised the beauty of Vietnamese women to new heights."

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 6

After receiving the Talented Beauty a.ward - Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023, Truong Diem shared that she will spend time on music, release a MV and may continue to surpass her limits at a music competition. music in 2024.

Truong Diem: I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 7

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