Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble

Trí NhiDec 27, 2023 at 09:44

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The semi-final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 - Miss Cosmo Vietnam took place in the cold weather of 15 degrees in Da Lat, causing the contestants to face many difficulties when performing. People were even more saddened, with the harsh backstage scene, the contestants trembling.

On the evening of December 27, in the foggy city of Da Lat, the semi-final night and national costume performance of the largest beauty contest in our country - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 ( Miss Cosmo Vietnam) took place. officially took place. The top 38 contestants, beautiful and brave girls from many provinces and cities across the country, entered attractive competition rounds, spoke up and had the opportunity to express themselves on the stage of the competition. exam.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 1

This year, Miss Universe Vietnam is also the 15th anniversary of the contest's founding, and also the first time it debuted with a new identity, a new identifier Miss Cosmo Vietnam. This year's theme for Miss Universe Vietnam is "Form Me", promoting resilient beauties that come from within, with noble inspirational stories.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 2

Contestants in the semi-finals of Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023.

At the recent semi-final night, the top potential contestants competing for the crown were also gradually identified by the audience. In addition to the outstanding contestants who have previously captured the media in reality TV rounds such as Cao Thien Trang, Vu Thuy Quynh, Ngo Bao Ngoc,... there are beauties like Thuy Tram, Hoang Nhung, Diem Trinh. , Hoang An,... after the semi-finals are also being rated quite highly.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 3

The contestants had excellent performances on stage, performing with confidence and bravery. However, behind the above shining moments, the top 38 contestants also had to endure the harsh pressure of the weather. When performing on the outdoor stage, in the middle of the Da Lat night sky, the temperature dropped to 15 degrees C.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 4

However, this did not stop the contestants' fighting spirit. Even though it was cold, the top 38 still burned their hearts out on stage. Only when retreating backstage are the real moments and the harshest manifestations evident. Behind-the-scenes clips from the semi-final night, after being shared on TikTok, also received a lot of attention. In particular, the touching moment was when contestant Vu Thuy Quynh, standing by backstage wearing a swimsuit, had to shiver because of the cold, plus wearing clothes that could not keep her b.ody warm.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 5

Student Huong Giang was hugging the pole, her face bowed to the ground, and also nervous because she was about to go on stage, making the backstage atmosphere even harsher. In the same situation as Vu Thuy Quynh is contestant Ngo Bao Ngoc. Backstage, even though the organizers had prepared a heater, the weather still made this beauty tremble, crouch down on the ground, and huddle.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 6

Last semi-final night, a number of additional awards were also awarded to the best contestants. It can be mentioned that Ngo Bao Ngoc was awarded Best Catwalk, Cao Thien Trang received the Best Social Media a.ward, Best B.ody was awarded to Thuy Tram, Best Face went to Vu Thuy Quynh,...

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 7

At the end of the semi-final night, the top 38 upcoming contestants will have one last night of competition, the final night of queuing, and also the night to find the owner of the crown, succeeding Ngoc Chau's title in the United States. post-universe Vietnam. The upcoming final night will take place on December 31, promising to be extremely explosive and create many impressions for the watching audience.

Miss Cosmo semi-finals: Harsh catwalk in 15 degree weather, Bao Ngoc - Thuy Quynh tremble - Photo 8

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