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Nicholas Tse was 'acquitted' after 10 years of bad reputation with ex-wife Truong Ba Chi

Phúc Sen11:03:28 25/12/2023
Actor Nicholas Tse was finally vindicated for his actions of not raising his children 10 years after his divorce with ex-wife Cecilia Cheung. People were stunned, only to discover the truth now, they all turned around, because in the past they had wrongly blamed the male actor.

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Cecilia Cheung and Vuong Phi were put on the scales at the big show, Nicholas Tse spoke out harshly

Bình Yên14:34:40 28/11/2023
Cecilia Cheung bought a house in Shanghai and transferred her children's schools here. Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse lives at Vuong Phi's villa in Beijing and regularly goes to Hong Kong to visit his parents and handle work.

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Zhang Cezhi officially remarried, Xie Dinh Feng came to the audience and said a heart-wrenching sentence?

Xuka13:40:26 01/11/2023
According to the content of the article, the wedding atmosphere was filled with joy and sweetness. On this beautiful day, Cecilia Zhang wore a white wedding dress and greeted the guests with a bright smile.

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Cecilia Cheung appeared unusually after news of cancer, Nicholas Tse was haunted by a special person

Bình Yên13:53:53 12/10/2023
Last August, Truong Ba Chi caused a stir in the fan community when he announced the cancellation of all schedules including magazine photo shoots, commercial filming, brand events, and live show participation due to health reasons.

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Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing

Nắng14:58:04 06/10/2023
This time, the audience suddenly erupted when Cecilia Zhang was said to have terminal cancer. In addition, she also revealed that her son was taken away by her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, while the 3rd c.hild was left without anyone to care for and control.

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Nicholas Tse said exactly 5 words when Truong Ba Chi revealed sensitive photos with Tran Quan Hy

Jennie13:41:54 23/09/2022
The private life scandal caused Truong Ba Chi, who was from the peak of his career, to suddenly decline when the entertainment industry turned his back. At this time, Nicholas Tse is a star with great resources and influence in Cbiz. Truong Ba Chi initially developed very...

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Truong Ba Chi's son - Nicholas Tse does not know his mother tongue even though he is 15 years old

Jennie15:21:14 20/09/2022
In addition to working hard to earn m.oney so that her children can study in the best environments, she also tries to arrange time to take her children to travel, to do the part of the man in the family. Not long ago, Truong Ba Chi shared a photo taken with her two sons, Quintus...

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Truong Ba Chi's second son is more and more identical to Ta Dinh Phong, with the reputation of "surrogacy".

Jennie14:24:12 13/09/2022
From the pictures of Quintus shared by Truong Ba Chi, someone left a comment that "Genetics really can't be fooled", others said "Dad is Ta Dinh Phong, mother is Truong Ba Chi, Such an appearance is not surprising." Page Sohu reported, a few years ago when participating in the...

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Truong Ba Chi refers to Nicholas Tse as a "reproductive machine, only for m.ating"

Jennie10:16:11 24/08/2022
Many people were quite surprised by Truong Ba Chi's answer. I don't know what Nicholas Tse will think after hearing his ex-wife say that. Netizen said that Truong Ba Chi's reference to Ta Dinh Phong as a breeding pig means that she is also scolding herself for being a sow...

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H.OT: Truong Ba Chi is about to marry a young man in October, the biological father of the third c.hild?

Jennie14:57:36 15/08/2022
In the past, there was information that Truong Ba Chi was married for the second time and the man she chose was none other than young Taiwanese MC Ha Manh Hoai. Truong Ba Chi and Ha Manh Hoai first met at the reality show "The Goddess' Choice". Truong Ba Chi is famous for...

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Truong Ba Chi worked hard as a single mother of 3 children, had to wake up at 5 am, who knew Nicholas

Jennie11:28:45 10/08/2022
Truong Ba Chi's life was quite turbulent. She joined the entertainment industry at a young age. Having been married and divorced, now, the actress chooses to be a single mother. She once talked about her childhood without the affection, love, and teaching of her biological...

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