Who Is Zhang Ba Chi?

Topic: Who Is Zhang Ba Chi?

Cecilia Cheung and Vuong Phi were put on the scales at the big show, Nicholas Tse spoke out harshly

Bình Yên14:34:40 28/11/2023
Cecilia Cheung bought a house in Shanghai and transferred her children's schools here. Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse lives at Vuong Phi's villa in Beijing and regularly goes to Hong Kong to visit his parents and handle work.

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Despite being pregnant, Vuong Phi decided to "close the curtain" when she heard that Cecilia Cheung intended to return to Nicholas Tse?

Bình Yên14:27:34 18/11/2023
It was reported that Nicholas Tse revised his will to include Vuong Phi's daughter. This move seems to have aroused people's curiosity and thoughts about his troubled personal life.

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Truong Ba Chi admitted that the man she loved most deeply was Tran Quan Hy, revealing more secrets

Nắng10:24:32 17/11/2023
After many years, when talking about the past, Truong Ba Chi angrily said that the man who was most at fault with her was Tran Quan Hy. Remembering the sweet love of her past, she could hardly contain the sadness and pain in her heart.

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Zhang Cezhi officially remarried, Xie Dinh Feng came to the audience and said a heart-wrenching sentence?

Xuka13:40:26 01/11/2023
According to the content of the article, the wedding atmosphere was filled with joy and sweetness. On this beautiful day, Cecilia Zhang wore a white wedding dress and greeted the guests with a bright smile.

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Cecilia Cheung appeared unusually after news of cancer, Nicholas Tse was haunted by a special person

Bình Yên13:53:53 12/10/2023
Last August, Truong Ba Chi caused a stir in the fan community when he announced the cancellation of all schedules including magazine photo shoots, commercial filming, brand events, and live show participation due to health reasons.

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Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing

Nắng14:58:04 06/10/2023
This time, the audience suddenly erupted when Cecilia Zhang was said to have terminal cancer. In addition, she also revealed that her son was taken away by her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, while the 3rd c.hild was left without anyone to care for and control.

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Truong Ba Chi caused chaos at the event after news that her new husband "destroyed her appearance", her strange appearance reflected one thing.

Mộc Trà11:16:47 23/09/2023
This is the first time Truong Ba Chi has appeared after being caught up in the news that tycoon Ton Dong Hai f.orced him to cancel many work schedules. Accordingly, Ton Dong Hai is said to be the father of the third son of the Truong Ba Chi family.

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Ta Hien was reported by the Cbiz media to have died in the night, Ta Dinh Phong - Truong Ba Chi behaves strangely

Mưa11:19:15 12/04/2023
Recently, on the social media, there was news that veteran actor Ta Hien had passed away at midnight. The image of an old man lying on a hospital bed painfully made fans feel sad. However, amid the uproar of public opinion, Tse's representative - Hoc Van Hy, responded to this...

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Truong Ba Chi revealed dating photos, intimately holding hands. This famous man is the father of the 3rd c.hild?

Tin08:41:09 01/02/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Truong Ba Chi has just shared a series of photos of going out and shopping with her children. The Tinh Mai Lang wears a discreet outfit with a life jacket outside, a wool hat on her head, black glasses and an unrecognizable mask. Next to her was a...

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Nicholas Tse heals with a special person, Truong Ba Chi becomes more and more close to his father-in-law

Tiểu Yến Tử11:07:34 03/01/2023
Recently, HK01 reported that actress Nicholas Tse returned to Hong Kong, reunited with her family after 4 years of separation. Legendary beauty Bruce Lee returned home discreetly with her daughter before Christmas. At the beginning of the new year, she shared moments with her...

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Cecilia Zhang continued to r.eveal clues about the father of the 3rd c.hild: Not Ta Dinh Phong, Ta Hien?

Nắng15:12:16 19/11/2022
Cecilia Zhang s third son, Marcus, was born in late 2018 and is given his mother s surname. Up to now, the identity of this b.oy s biological father is still unknown to fans. Recently, Cecilia Truong posted on her personal page a picture of her celebrating her youngest son Marcus...

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Truong Ba Chi was exposed to a series of h.ot photos, suspected of being in love with a beautiful man Cbiz after the noisy "back and forth" of Ta Hien's father-in-law

Nắng10:25:50 08/11/2022
Recently, a series of intimate photos of Truong Ba Chi and Jia Nai Luong are becoming the focus of discussion among Chinese netizens. Many people believe that, after ten years of oddness, Truong Ba Chi finally announced a new boyfriend. Currently Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi are...

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Truong Ba Chi officially made a move to end Ta Dinh Phong's love, Ta Hien's father-in-law supported 'two hands'

Nắng08:21:23 25/10/2022
Recently, the Sohu page had a stirring article Truong Ba Chi expressed that raising her children alone is very hard, so she wants to change her last name for 2 sons. However, her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong strongly objected and resolutely refused to let Truong Ba Chi change his...

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Truong Ba Chi has a very tight scandal, affecting his name: Continuous bad luck after noisy love with his father-in-law

Nắng10:24:07 24/10/2022
After more than half a year of rest to focus on taking care of her family, Truong Ba Chi recently returned to mainland China to continue her work. The beauty became a favorite face for sales livestream activities, many commercial floors and brands are willing to pay large...

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Truong Ba Chi revealed indisputable evidence of her fourth pregnancy after loudly in love with her biological father Ta Dinh Phong

Nắng13:47:59 22/10/2022
In the past two years, there have been many Hong Kong stars who have livestreamed sales, but all of them have failed. A lot of people have moved from Hong Kong to the developed mainland, but most of the achievements are not very good, and even there are stars who only sell a few...

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Truong Ba Chi made Chau Tinh Tri 1 hair not dare to touch, why was it so easy to be harmed by Tran Quan Hy?

Nắng13:38:39 14/10/2022
It can be said that Truong Ba Chi is a beauty with countless charms from the early years, having collaborated with big stars from one movie to another, thanks to her beautiful appearance and excellent acting skills, she is still a Best actress of any director. Truong Ba Chi's...

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Truong Ba Chi revealed the identity of the third c.hild's biological father after a noisy love affair, living with his father-in-law?

Nắng11:27:14 10/10/2022
Recently, some netizens discovered a new tattoo on Truong Ba Chi's hand with English words, many speculated that this could very well be the name of the biological father of her third c.hild - b.aby Marcus. Truong Ba Chi gave birth to her third son, b.aby Marcus, at the end of 2018...

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Truong Ba Chi heals a broken relationship with his mother who is addicted to g.ambling

Jennie11:11:56 30/08/2022
Shally has a bad habit of addicted to g.ambling and used to torment her daughter. The actress was brought into the entertainment industry by her mother at a young age to earn m.oney to help her pay off her g.ambling debts. The 90s was the most flourishing period of the country's...

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Nicholas Tse married Truong Ba Chi quickly because he wanted to 'retaliate' Vuong Phi?

AT12:07:42 14/04/2022
Sina news site recently published an article about the hasty marriage in the past between Nicholas Tse and Truong Ba Chi. In fact, the two have never had a proper wedding. Nicholas Tse proposed to Truong Ba Chi shortly after breaking up with Vuong Phi. In one program, Truong Ba...

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