Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher

Yang MiMar 28, 2022 at 16:58

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Once a formidable opponent of Ly Lien Kiet, Donnie Yen's master, but Trieu Truong Quan chose a different path to go instead of c.hasing after frivolous things.

Referring to Trieu Truong Quan, I am afraid that the 90 - 2000 generations may not have known, but the 8X generations, if someone said that they had never heard of Trieu Truong Quan's name, they would certainly be laughed at.

More than 30 years ago, is considered the peak period of Zhao Truong Quan. Even Trieu Truong Quan's name became famous throughout the country, creating a wave of "martial arts fever" in the country of billions of people and being mentioned by everyone to the present.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 1

At the peak of his acting career, Zhao Changjun made an incomprehensible decision to give up the movie world, open a martial arts school and teach Chinese martial arts.

It can be said that in that era, Trieu Truong Quan's starting point, popularity and influence were no less than Ly Lien Kiet or another Kungfu superstar of the same time, but because of different ambitions, he chose a different path.

Along the way, he had suffered, pain, anxiety and confusion, but he had no regrets.

So far, whenever anyone asks about him, he will say without hesitation: Wushu has perfected me, and I am ready to dedicate my life to Wushu.

The idea of learning martial arts after being bullied by a playmate in childhood

Zhao Changjun was born in 1960 in a family of construction workers in Xi'an with three older sisters and one younger sister.

When he was 6 years old, Trieu Truong Quan and a few friends were playing in a small alley not far from home, because of a trifle, they had an argument with a friend in the group, and the two quickly broke down. out scuffle.

However, Trieu Truong Quan was thin and weak, so his friends beat him until he could only cry. Seeing that, other friends simultaneously mocked him, bullying him whether intentionally or unintentionally. In the face of bullying by his peers, his self-esteem was hurt, and the idea of learning martial arts immediately arose. When he returned, he asked his parents for permission to learn martial arts, instead of opposing his father, he was very supportive.

Before long, with a generous gift, Trieu Truong Quan's father took him to see a martial artist who respected him as his teacher. In this way, the 6-year-old b.oy Zhao Changjun officially started his martial arts career.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 2

In order to repay the love of his father and the teaching of his teacher, in the process of learning martial arts, regardless of the heat and winter, Trieu Truong Quan got up on time every day, persevered in studying hard and obtained the best skills. Solid basic skills.

Two years later, Trieu Truong Quan was promoted by his master to another martial artist. Because of his intelligence, quickness, understanding, and ability to endure hardship, the two masters respected the disciple and praised him as a good fighter, but they could not teach him any more. again.

In 1970, Zhao Changjun's life took a big turn, he was recognized by the national martial arts coach Mr. Ma and was sent to the Shaanxi Wushu Team for professional training.

Encountered a strong opponent, Ly Lien Kiet

After joining the provincial martial arts team, under the training of famous martial arts instructors, Trieu Truong Quan's martial arts level has improved by leaps and bounds, far surpassing his peers in martial arts. Therefore, many people have placed their expectations on Trieu Truong Quan.

In 1972, Zhao Changjun participated in the first national martial arts competition for the Shaanxi Wushu Team. With a solid foundation and excellent performance, Trieu Truong Quan has won a lot of praise and attracted the attention of many martial arts experts.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 3

Since the mid-1970s, Zhao's performance in national competitions has been steadily increasing, but he still missed out on the coveted gold medal, because there was a "hero" who always excelled. him, leaving him in a weak position. . This person's name is Ly Lien Kiet, born in 1963.

Like Trieu Truong Quan, he studied martial arts since childhood, and both are "martial arts" talents.

In the world of Chinese martial arts, they have created a landscape of "two peaks standing side by side", although this landscape lasted just over ten years, eventually ending with the withdrawal of Zhao Changjun, but the process This short is enough to make people enjoy endlessly.

After Zhao Changjun joined the Shaanxi Wushu team for more than a year, the eight-year-old Jet Li was lucky enough to enter the Beijing Shichahai Sports School to learn martial arts and start his martial arts career.

It can be said that the starting point of the two "heroic male gods" Trieu Truong Quan and Ly Lien Kiet are basically the same.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 4

This was the first time they met in a national competition on behalf of their team in 1972. Both entered the competition for the first time and both won the "Excellent Performance Award".

1974 was the year when the results of the two began to differ. This year, Jet Li took first place in the entire team and almighty champion in the national martial arts competition organized by the National Sports Committee.

In 1975, the two met in the final of the national martial arts competition, eventually Ly Lien Kiet won the championship with an advantage of more than 0.01 points, and Trieu Truong Quan, who won the runner-up.

Then, in the martial arts competitions of the National Sports Games in 1976, 1977 and 1978, Ly Lien Kiet won the team championship and officially opened the "Jet Era", then in the martial arts world. Art has a saying: The 70s was Jet Li's World.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 5

In the late 1970s, Jet Li retired from the martial arts world due to an injury. The retreat of strong opponent Ly Lien Kiet caused Trieu Truong Quan to fail alone in the ring, and at the same time completely opened his own peak moment, letting the martial arts world say: The 1980s was the world of Trieu Truong Quan.

From 1978 to 1987, Trieu Truong Quan achieved "ten championships in a row" and was dubbed the "invincible general" in the martial arts world.

He is good at "Fist", "Wind knife", "Wind magic blade", praised by the world as the "Three wonders of the Zhao family", today there are many imitators.

It was also in these 10 years that Trieu Truong Quan surpassed Ly Lien Kiet in a once-great reputation and position in the martial arts world. However, in the field of film and television, Trieu Truong Quan ultimately lost to Jet Li, because each had their own ambitions.

In 1982, the film Shaolin Freedom, directed by Truong Ham Viem with the main acting of Jet Li, quickly became popular, at that time, 19-year-old Ly Lien Kiet was praised for playing the male lead role.

In fact, during this period, Trieu Truong Quan had already gained popularity and influence, before filming Shaolin Temple, director Truong Ham Viem approached Trieu Truong Quan and asked him to play the male lead role. However, Zhao Changjun considered himself unsuitable for the role, and in the end politely declined.

Unexpectedly, Trieu Truong Quan's "mistake" helped his old rival Ly Lien Kiet become a resounding success overnight, and immediately became a Kungfu superstar.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 6

Before the resounding success of the movie Shaolin Temple, the movie Martial with the presence of Trieu Truong Quan was born. This is a work like confronting the Shaolin Temple and popularizing Trieu Truong Quan in the film and television world.

Wudang finally premiered in 1983, featured by many famous martial artists, the cast is not inferior to Shaolin Temple, the martial arts are all real and highly realistic. Especially, it increases the viewer's eye-catching strongly.

Unfortunately, because Wudang is too ideological and artistic, not suitable for the public's taste, plus the filming experience is not enough, and the main character Zhao Changjun enters the electrical field for the first time. Therefore, the acting was not natural enough, and in the end, the influence of this film was not as expected, not making Trieu Truong Quan popular immediately.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 7

After that, Zhao Changjun acted in more than 30 different TV series and movies, was well received by everyone and became one of the most loved martial arts stars in the Mainland. However, overall, his achievements in the field of film and television are far behind the peak of Jet Li.

During this period, Jet Li continued to produce excellent works, after Nam moved to Hong Kong in the 1990s, he continued to make a bright mark in the film industry, ascribed to the audience by the audience. generation "Kungfu Emperor".

Refusing to sign a contract, opening a martial arts school

In martial arts competitions at home and abroad in the 1980s, Trieu Truong Quan fought invincible masters all over the world and attracted the attention of martial arts enthusiasts around the world. .

In 1985, the ancient city of Xi'an hosted the "First International Martial Arts Competition", Donnie Yen's mother, Madam Bao Thien from Boston (USA) also attended.

Zhao Changjun's extraordinary strength, destructive momentum, and amazing moves defeated each opponent and ultimately won the almighty championship. Mai Bao Thien in the stands witnessed the whole process of Trieu Truong Quan's victory, so he admired his talent.

Immediately, Mai Bao Chan decided to let his son Donnie Yen follow Zhao Changjun to practice orthodox Chinese martial arts.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 8

After returning to the United States, Mai Bao Thien wrote a letter to Zhao Changjun with sincere sharing, hoping that his son Donnie Yen would be able to go to Shaanxi Province Wushu Team to learn martial arts.

In 1987, Donnie Yen officially honored Trieu Truong Quan as a teacher, although Trieu Truong Quan was only 3 years older than Donnie Yen, although they had a teacher-student relationship, they were as close as friends.

Different from the ideal of Trieu Truong Quan, Donnie Yen's goal of learning martial arts is very realistic, which is to enter the field of film and television and become a martial arts star.

After studying martial arts for a year, Donnie Yen left Zhao Changjun and met the famous director Vien Hoa Binh.

Although the influence of Trieu Truong Quan in the field of film and television during this period was not as prominent as that of Ly Lien Kiet and Donnie Yen, it was not much different.

In the 1990s, Hong Kim Bao was known as a versatile martial arts star with various roles such as actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He also acted in a movie with Trieu Truong Quan in 1993. During the cooperation process, Hong Kim Bao admired Trieu Truong Quan very much, and many times invited Trieu Truong Quan to join his film and television company, but denied.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 9

Zhao Changjun then explained the reason for rejecting Hong Kim Bao's kindness at the time, saying, "I turned down these contracts because although I had acted in many dramas and movies before, I I'm not a professional actor. If I signed the contract, it would mean that I would be fully engaged in film and television. But at that time I had too many responsibilities that I couldn't let go of. ."

The responsibility that Zhao Changjun said was to open a martial arts school and promote Chinese martial arts to the world.

Since then, two "heroic boys" Trieu Truong Quan and Ly Lien Kiet from the same starting point have embarked on completely different paths because of different ambitions.

Trieu Truong Quan: Martial arts star made Ly Lien Kiet 'cry,' Donnie Yen worships as a teacher - Photo 10

His "Xian Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy" was established in 1991, the martial arts studio was also self-funded 1 million yuan. He was both dean and coach, repeating the work of education day in and day out.

Now that Trieu Truong Quan is over sixty years old, he still spares no effort to promote Chinese martial arts culture to the world, in 2007 he opened a martial arts academy in the US, one step closer to his ambition. me.

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