Thanh Long admires the billions of income of Ngo Kinh juniors

Nam PhươngOct 20, 2021 at 13:52

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Continuously achieving success in the field of acting, Ngo Kinh is considered as a new martial arts star inheriting the senior class such as Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Ly Lien Kiet....

Five years ago, when referring to Ngo Kinh, people only thought of an average actor, without many outstanding marks. Pursuing martial arts movies from a young age, but for many years, the star born in 1974 could not shine. His name was "buried" behind cult superstars like Ly Lien Kiet, Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen.

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Like his seniors, Ngo Kinh has been practicing martial arts since the age of 6. At the age of 13, he studied martial arts master Ngo Bin at the famous Shichahai martial arts school in Beijing, becoming the junior of Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Trieu Van Trac.

Under the guidance of Master Ngo Bin, Ngo Kinh got used to the hard training days. Despite several serious injuries, he was determined to pursue martial arts. As a result, since the age of 16, Ngo Kinh has won a series of national championship titles in the disciplines of boxing, sword, and trade.

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In recent days, Ngo Kinh is the most mentioned name on the Chinese language newspaper. Truong Tan Ho - the movie with the largest budget in Chinese cinema history starring him is currently breaking the Chinese big screen. Premiered on September 30, after 7 days of release, this work has earned 4.4 billion yuan (equivalent to more than 15 trillion VND).

With "huge" revenue, Ngo Kinh's film does not have the right treatment this season. Thanks to Truong Tan Ho, and before that, Wolf Warrior 2 and Wandering Earth, the 47-year-old actor overthrew the personal box office record of actor Tham Dang, becoming the new box office king of Chinese-language cinema. .

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A few days ago, the 6th Jackie Chan action movie week officially ended. In addition to the main character, veteran martial arts star Jackie Chan, this event also has the presence of many notable guests including Ngo Kinh, Vuong Bao Cuong and On Bich Ha. The appearance of juniors made Jackie Chan very happy, even giving a lot of praise to the star Chien Lang.

When asked by a reporter what he thinks about his junior Ngo Kinh, Jackie Chan also couldn't hide his admiration: "My decades of filming earned 20 billion CNY (~ 71 trillion VND), but he didn't. just do 4 movies". At the same time, Jackie Chan also revealed that he is currently planning to shake hands with Ngo Kinh to prepare for a new project.

In fact, Jackie Chan's sharing is not exaggerated at all. Because according to the latest revenue statistics of the Chinese-language film industry, Ngo Kinh's work Truong Tan Ho has surpassed the threshold of CNY 5 billion (~ VND 17.8 trillion) after 3 weeks of being released to the audience. This means that in the top 5 highest-grossing films of the Chinese era, Ngo Kinh alone contributed to 3 films, including Chien Lang who ranked first with CNY 5,694 billion (~ VND 20 trillion), Truong. Tan Ho is temporarily ranked 4th and Luu Lac Earth is in 5th place with CNY 4,686 billion (~ VND 16.7 trillion).

It can be seen that Ngo Kinh is not only the pride of martial arts stars in particular but also the hope of Chinese cinema in general. I even read a journalist once commented: "Only Ngo Kinh can surpass his own record".

Thanh Long admires the billions of income of Ngo Kinh juniors - Photo 4

However, when Ngo Kinh entered the profession, the martial arts film village showed signs of decline. Looking up, I can't match the seniors, looking down, I'm not as noticeable as the handsome male stars and students. After many years of rolling on the big screen, Ngo Kinh is most mentioned with the confrontation scene with Donnie Yen in Sa Pha Lang.

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His career was not satisfactory, Ngo Kinh decided to return to the mainland, making his own movies, not relying on anyone. And that's when Chien Lang was born. At first, the film was not taken seriously, he had to sell his house to get m.oney to invest, even on crutches on his wedding day because of an injury. And it was this movie that opened up a new path for Ngo Kinh, giving him more motivation to persevere with the already downhill action movie line.

Chinese-language media commented: "Ngo Kinh is now the most loved martial arts star by audiences of all ages in the country of billions of people. The actor's influence can hardly be replaced in the near future. Here, the public will also witness his participation in many big projects, not even limited to China."

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