Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so

Hà HàSep 16, 2021 at 21:52

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Recently, Trieu Le Dinh attracted attention when she just joined Truong Bich Than and Huynh Xiaoming appeared in the show Chinese Restaurant 5. This time, the actress participated as a guest and received attention because in In the past, she was controversial because she was maliciously cut and edited by the production crew of this show.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 1

Remember, last season in the show Chinese Restaurant, the actress worked very hard, but in the broadcast, she was cut by the production crew to become a lazy person, suffering from a star disease that did not want to work much. . It is also because of this that for a long time, Trieu Le Dinh did not participate in the reality show.

Therefore, her return to the Chinese Restaurant attracted attention. The latest issue of Chinese Restaurant 5 is on the air and Trieu Le Dinh is back as a guest. Appearing with Sam Sam are close sisters Truong Bich Than and Ly Tuyet - the younger sister of Li Bang Bang, who is also the president of Hoa Tung media company, the manager of Trieu Le Dinh now.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 2

After a year since returning to the program, Trieu Le Dinh met senior Huynh Xiaoming. Here, the two had a close conversation, sharing about their life situation as well as their feelings about work issues. Zhao Liying did not see Huynh Xiaoming for a year and saw that the senior had lost a lot of weight, Huynh Xiaoming said that it was because he had lost weight while filming. After that, the male star God of the Condor Heroes also asked Trieu Le Dinh: Have you acted in movies recently? Trieu Le Dinh said: "No, brother". At the same time, the star Department of Kieu Story quickly explained. Trieu Le Dinh said that she is recharging herself, recuperating after a long time of "running KPI" for previous films. Huynh Xiaoming also expressed admiration for her state and wished that "if you want to work, work, if you want to rest, rest".

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 3

After hearing the sharing of seniors, Ly Bang Bang's sister - Ly Tuyet also added: "Trieu Le Dinh has the life that everyone wants". The reason why Ly Tuyet is so worried is because she is the representative of Trieu Le Dinh. If Trieu Le Dinh does not act in a movie for a long time, Ly Tuyet may be scolded by Trieu Le Dinh's fans. Indeed, Ly Tuyet's plan for Trieu Le Dinh is completely right, she cannot blindly pursue quantity and ignore quality. With this comeback in Chinese Restaurant 5, Trieu Le Dinh not only made fans flutter with her beautiful visual, Trieu Le Dinh also performed very well. Worried about the lack of kitchen utensils, she brought a lot of cutlery to work through.

Also today, the popular magazine NYLON China has published the cover image of September, which is actress Zhao Liying. Within 40 minutes, the entire number of magazines was "dispersed". However, the images of her "Sam Sam" are currently becoming a h.ot topic of discussion on social networks.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 4

Page iFeng recorded the opinions of netizens on MXH and said that the branded dress that Trieu Le Dinh wore was like a black plastic bag. The magazine chose a bad image, making the actress' charisma and aura clearly show her stiffness, lack of prominence or break. Trieu Le Dinh's expressionless face and wide eyes were criticized.

Not only that, in the behind-the-scenes clip shared by NYLON, the beauty and charisma of the beautiful Trieu is equally controversial. The high bun made "Sam Sam" not exude a luxurious aura, the face was somewhat swollen and less elegant.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 5

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 6

In addition, Trieu Le Dinh's image was also put on the scale when it coincided with the image of Vien Bang Nghien in the previous magazine. Also with the high bun hair, wearing a black dress, the face is surprisingly similar, Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife is assessed to imitate her beauty rival, shaping up to 70-80% similarity.

Meanwhile, together on the cover of September magazine, Duong Mich and Ni Ni - 2 fierce love rivals of Trieu Le Dinh because they once were said to be dating Phung Thieu Phong, continuously caused storms with a series of impressive photos. statue. Both the beauty, charisma and temperament of these two beauties completely "crushed" Trieu Le Dinh.

Despite having a good acting ability, in the fashion field, ex-wife Phung Thieu Phong makes many people shake their heads briefly when many times turn branded goods into market goods. Even with a high commercial index and a large fan base, she also became a Dior brand ambassador in China. However, even when wearing branded clothes, it is not uncommon, she is still mocked by netizens that she looks like she is wearing cheap popular clothes.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 7

In a magazine photo shoot not long ago, Trieu Le Dinh once again "turned luxury goods into market goods". Dressed in Dior fashion with a cardigan and a long skirt with plaid pattern, the actress mixed the outfit with sneakers and turtleneck socks. The set is simple but helps her to accentuate her small waist.

Trieu Le Dinh also attracts attention when she has a pink highlight dyed hairstyle to create a youthful and personality feeling. However, although she is very beautiful, her image only stops at a pure level, less than the necessary fashion of high fashion. Just looking at it, many people easily mistakenly think that Trieu Le Dinh's outfit is just a popular design, not an expensive brand.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed the reason why she stopped acting, Huynh Xiaoming wished so - Photo 8

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