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The female police officer escorted Ngoc Trinh to the court causing a fever, praised by fans as beautiful as a miss

Phượng Vũ15:48:27 03/02/2024
In the recent trial, besides the attention to the main character - model Ngoc Trinh, netizens also paid special attention to the beauty of the female police captain who escorted her to court.

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Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason!

Snow10:02:48 03/02/2024
After the trial yesterday morning, Ngoc Trinh was sentenced to 1 year in prison for disrupting public order but received a suspended sentence. Many wondered why her assistant was also involved in the incident why she was not sanctioned.

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Ngoc Trinh received a suspended sentence, a celebrity whose share attracted attention

Nguyễn Tuyết18:33:08 02/02/2024
Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh officially received a 1-year prison sentence for disrupting public order, but received a suspended sentence. As the trial progressed, 1 showbiz figure voiced his desire for her leniency.

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Teacher of Ngoc Trinh motorbike was sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison, elderly mother burst into tears in court

Hoa Tuyết18:31:04 02/02/2024
Tran Xuan Dong, a teacher of Ngoc Trinh, officially received a sentence of 1 year and 6 months in prison for disrupting public order and Using false documents of agencies and organizations. The defendant's mother sobbed in court.

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What is the suspended sentence that Ngoc Trinh is about to face?

Khánh Huyền17:54:12 02/02/2024
Ho Chi Minh City opened the trial of defendant Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (born 1989) on charges of disrupting public order. In connection with the case, Tran Xuan Dong (born 1987) was tried on charges of disrupting public order and Using false documents of organizational agencies.

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Tiktoker is famous for being "carried" because he studied as a "junior" Ngoc Trinh, followed the "circus" trend, and his identity was shocking!

Gia Linh15:20:45 25/10/2023
To attract likes and interactions for his personal Tiktok page, Doan Tran The Hao posted a clip of loading a car and performing a circus with a motorbike on the highway. It is known that recently the beautiful Ngoc Trinh was bullied for following this trend.

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Ngoc Trinh lost the opportunity to become a mother at the age of 34, wasting nearly 200 million due to wrong actions

Nguyễn Tuyết07:09:58 24/10/2023
Being detained temporarily interrupted Ngoc Trinh's in vitro fertilization process; While a month ago, she excitedly announced that she would spend a large amount of m.oney to freeze her eggs.

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Ngoc Trinh was arrested, the racing clips suddenly "exploded" views, why haven't they been removed yet?

Gia Hoàng14:36:49 20/10/2023
Immediately after the news that Ngoc Trinh was urgently arrested, not only were the beauty's harmful videos not removed, it is worth noting that the number of views of the above videos suddenly skyrocketed.

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Ngoc Trinh before being arrested: Eager to return to work after car accident, "exploded" to buy 11 hectares of land

Snow09:46:18 20/10/2023
After the c.razy dance performance on the motorbike, Ngoc Trinh was officially prosecuted and detained by the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, in the surprise of both fans and netizens.

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Tran Xuan Dong: Who is the "boss" of expensive motorbikes who taught Ngoc Trinh how to drive and was arrested for using fake documents?

Gia Linh07:30:49 20/10/2023
Recently, the online community couldn't help but stir over the news that model Ngoc Trinh had just been issued an emergency arrest warrant by the authorities. Accordingly, Tran Xuan Dong is considered an accomplice with the long leg.

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Ngoc Trinh caused pain with her testimony before the authorities when she was urgently arrested for causing trouble

Bảo Tiên20:58:42 19/10/2023
Model Ngoc Trinh was just ordered to be arrested by the authorities when she relaxed her hands while driving a large displacement vehicle. Accordingly, the l.ingerie queen's testimony about her violation caused pain in the online community.

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