Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason!

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After the trial yesterday morning, Ngoc Trinh was sentenced to 1 year in prison for disrupting public order but received a suspended sentence. Many wondered why her assistant was also involved in the incident why she was not sanctioned.

Feb. 2, TAND HCMC. HCMC opened the trial of defendants Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (model Ngoc Trinh) and Tran Xuan Dong (driving instructor) on charges of disrupting public order, according to Point a, Clause 2, Article 318 of the Penal Code.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 1

In addition to the 2 defendants, the court also summoned 7 related obligors: Nguyen Thanh Long (Trinh's driver), Nguyen Thi Thuy Kieu (Trinh's assistant), Tang Duy Khanh (flyer), Nguyen Hoang Son, Tran Ngoc Kien, Le Thi Hong Nhung, Nguyen Phong Vu (who lent Trinh the car) as persons with rights and obligations related to the case.

According to the indictment against Ngoc Trinh, Thuy Kieu was one of the defendants who filmed the scene of performing dangerous movements on a motorbike. In Thuy Kieu's subjective perception, she is only a hired employee at the request of her employer and filming posted on social networks is not an act of disturbing public order. Therefore, the investigating agency did not handle Thuy Kieu for disrupting public order.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 2

As noted by PV, on the morning of the trial, Ngoc Trinh's assistant appeared at the court gate. When present in this place, Nguyen Thi Thuy Kieu chooses to wear a cap, a full face mask and dress casually.

During the trial, Ngoc Trinh presented that only because of subjective thinking, lack of awareness of the law, the defendant had to pay with scars on his b.ody, was detained and had to stand trial.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 3

"Deep down the defendant always wanted to do the right thing. The defendant did not knowingly violate it, just because he did not know it. This is too big a lesson for the defendant. Expect the court to consider mitigating the defendant. The defendant misses his relatives. The defendant is wrong, guilty," Ngoc Trinh said in her final words.

"The defendant paid for his behavior, which was a lesson for the defendant," Ngoc Trinh added, crying. The defendant also apologized to Tran Xuan Dong, her assistant Thuy Kieu and others involved in the case.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 4

Before being taken into custody, Ngoc Trinh had a good relationship with her assistant Thuy Kieu. Not only stopping at work roles, in everyday life, female models do not hesitate to treat well and care about assistants. She once affirmed that even though the two are married and have children, they will always stick together.

The time when the beauty Tra Vinh was the focus of public attention when entangled in the labor circle, Thuy Kieu's move was of special interest to the public. Over the past time, the female assistant has not been active on social networks much and hides a lot of posts, locks comments, but she still works hard to livestream with a rustic appearance to sell.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 5

A few days ago, Thuy Kieu was seen appearing at the company's year-end party that immediately "caused a fever" with her gorgeous appearance. Since Ngoc Trinh's scandal broke out, this is probably the rare occasion when she comes out publicly.

Dressed in a light-colored dress with a large pattern, Thuy Kieu looked very pointy. She also wore a pretty peach orange makeup tone, her hair was tied half over her head and styled smoothly.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 6

However, looking at the series of photos, it can be recognized that assistant Ngoc Trinh has become quite thin. Underneath the post, the owner himself further revealed that he had lost twelve kilograms.

On October 22, Thuy Kieu also attracted attention when she posted the status: "No matter what happens, Kieu still tries to work. This is my wish." Although she did not specify who "sister" was, netizens all guessed that the person she was referring to was Ngoc Trinh.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 7

Nguyen Thi Thuy Kieu was born in 1994, from Tra Vinh. She is the assistant and maid of model Ngoc Trinh. Regarding the noise of the owner, the female assistant did not have any related sharing.

Thuy Kieu filmed for Ngoc Trinh, but was not dealt with for this reason! - Photo 8

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