Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho?

Chi ChuApr 02, 2023 at 11:28

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Not only being criticized by the audience, Tran Thanh in the past few days has been constantly criticized by many colleagues for the incident of "crying because of the brilliant aura". Recently, the male MC made a move on his personal page that caused many people to talk about it.

Recently, netizens stirred with Tran Thanh's statement "hard to swallow" at the press conference of singer Dam Vinh Hung. In the face of the "turbulences" surrounding, the male director of the film House of the Nu did not speak or share anything officially. Instead, Tran Thanh chose to be silent, sharing pictures of everyday life or a trip in Da Lat not long ago with friends and relatives.

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 1

In the face of being taught by many artists who openly voiced "ca khà", Tran Thanh did not show any interest. Recently, the male MC continued to post a brand new set of photos with an extremely excited mood. Below the comments, people are still constantly going to Tran Thanh's coffee "tears".

However, Tran Thanh was also "monitored" for confusing actions. Accordingly, in the newly posted photos, Tran Thanh was seen with the act of putting his finger on his mouth, giving a silent sign. Many viewers think that Tran Thanh is implicitly responding to unrelated artists, but if you criticize yourself, please "don't talk anymore".

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 2

However, there are also some netizens who think that the male MC's actions are extremely normal, just a way of posing that many other artists often do in photo sets.

The noise surrounding MC Tran Thanh's statement "the life of an artist is difficult to swallow" is still the focus of attention from public opinion in recent days. Many Vietnamese artists have frankly shared on social networks their personal views on the incident. And most of the opinions are not on MC Tran Thanh's side.

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 3

Recently, another famous singer Vbiz continued to make a move that is said to be "cà khà" Tran Thanh, when posting a status line discussing the content "happy - miserable" in the profession.

Specifically on his personal page, singer Le Hoang - a former member of The Men group wrote: "Sitting and waiting for the plane to read the news, both see the jokes and see the comedy. In my opinion, any job that is unsuccessful is also miserable, successful and successful. If you're successful, you'll be happy with any job. If you're successful, you'll be happiest. What else can you ask for. You only suffer when you succeed and then you still have to act."

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 4

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 5

Under the post of singer Le Hoang, many colleagues and the audience expressed their agreement with him. In it, musician Nguyen Van Chung wrote: "Does Hoang find it difficult to swallow?", as implicitly referring to the phrase "artist's life is difficult to swallow" that caused a stir in public opinion in recent days.

Not only singer Le Hoang, musician Nguyen Van Chung, many other famous figures in the Vietnamese entertainment industry such as singer Nguyen Vu, actor Quy Binh, singer Lam Khanh Chi ... also expressed their thoughts not Agree with the statement "artist life is hard to swallow".

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 6

Before that, Duy Manh was the one who often made the most "coffee" move by Tran Thanh. A few days ago, when asked about the noise and crying talking about Tran Thanh's "suffering" as an artist, Duy Manh once frankly expressed his frustration: "Many old women sell l.ottery tickets. , beggar children, rescuers, fire prevention and fighting... If you do charity work, you will be encouraged to donate other people's m.oney to charity. If you succeed in making m.oney, you can build a house to buy a car and branded clothes, go out to eat, and travel. How come on TV, it cries and screams loudly? Crying because you feel you're unlucky?".

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 7

After that, on his personal page, Duy Manh continued to post a clip covering a familiar song. Worth mentioning, in the clip, the male singer made a bold statement "ca khau": "Do you know how many pounds Duy Manh must taste before he can write a review?". In addition, Duy Manh also accompanied the expression of both mourning and a bit of humor, and also wiped his tears with his hand just like describing the moment Tran Thanh shed tears on stage.

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 8

Besides, Tran Thanh was also examined in the past with Hien Ho. Recently on MXH, Tran Thanh and Hien Ho shared the same frame moment. At the present time, these are two names that are entangled in many non-governmental markets, so when the photos of both are shared, they have received a lot of public attention.

Accordingly, Tran Thanh posted a photo next to Hien Ho. Along with that, the male MC wishes that in the future he will have the opportunity to share the stage and sing a duet with his juniors.

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 9

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 10

As for artists, thanks to the audience, thanks to this work, many people have gained fame, status, m.oney and Tran Thanh is also one of them. Therefore, his statement is said to be disrespectful to the audience and makes many people shake their heads in disgust. Even the male MC's artists and colleagues are not satisfied and agree with Tran Thanh about his sharing.

As for Hien Ho, after the love affair, the female singer was strongly boycotted by the public from the stage to the music product.

Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho? - Photo 11

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